2016 Reflections: What We’ve Learned From the Best Posts of the Year

We've collected the best posts of 2016 and their key takeaways.

We’ve rounded up some of the best Gold Dust blog posts of the year so that you can access a condensed list of key clinical and practice-related advice in one place.

2017 is only a few days away, leaving many with the desire to reflect on the foibles and triumphs of 2016, as well as what they hope to accomplish in the New Year. In this spirit, we’ve chosen five our most compelling blog posts and determined their most important ideas.

We've collected the best posts of 2016 and their key takeaways.

Best Posts of 2016 & Key Takeaways

Enjoy these inspiring tidbits from our 2016 content. You can check out a similar ‘Best of the Year’ post on the CMS blog.

1. Smile Design Case Lab Essentials Go To Dental Guide

Steps for choosing the best materials, taking impressions, and using photography to maximize a case’s potential.

Key Takeaway: Smile design requires the careful coordination and connection of multiple important decisions. 

2. The Balance of Business and Healthcare

Dr. Lee Ann Brady’s take on why your practice should be balanced as 49% business, 51% healthcare.

Key Takeaway: As healthcare professionals, dentists must always prioritize healthcare over business considerations.

3. See How Six Valuable Smile Design Tips Can Change Your Practice

Dr. Nosti explains the benefits of porcelain veneers, important smile design goals, and the six smile design principles he follows.

Key Takeaway: Materials and techniques go hand in hand. Improving our understanding of both will help us achieve greater success.

4. Why You Should Treatment Plan for Desirable Clinical Outcomes

An examination of why treatment planning is necessary for solid tooth preparation.

Key Takeaway: Treatment planning is the base upon which a predictable case is built. 

5. The Simple Key to More Efficient Veneers

Dr. Brady comments on her efficient use of diamonds for high-quality veneers.

Key Takeaway: Maximizing your efficiency can equate to more profits in the long run. 

What was your favorite Gold Dust blog post of 2016? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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