2017 Reflections: What We’ve Learned From the Best Posts of the Year

End of Year 2017

The end of 2017 brings with it many exciting hopes and goals for the New Year. But even so, while you’re making your dental resolutions and enjoying time with your family, it never hurts to take stock of everything learned throughout the months.

End of Year 2017Over the year, we posted a series of captivating ‘Cases of the Month’ and heard from favorite contributors like Dr. Lee Ann Brady, Dr. Eric Farmer, and Dr. Chris Catalano. We also delved into fresh topics like digital dentistry and veneers.

Read on for 5 key lessons we’ve gathered from our best posts of the year:

Best Posts of 2017 & Key Year Takeaways

1. Practice Profile: Dr. Karisha Lynn Madden on Artistry, Passion, and Success

Dr. Madden’s in-depth interview discussing her practice and dental success.

Key Takeaway: Your entire dental team should create value for the patient from the minute they step in the door. 

2. A Ceramist’s Take on Lab Skills, Communication, and the Key to Success

Our ceramist Joost Jorna gives an enlightening and concise look into his work.

Key Takeaway: Management of expectations for case success can have a significant impact on satisfaction. 

3. Taking Control of Vertical Dimension Changes in Dentistry: Control Bites Part 2

Dr. Catalano’s intensive overview of vertical dimension technique for control bites.

Key Takeaway: The master impression must accurately depict the posterior teeth used for the control bite.

4. Case of the Month: How a Diastema Closure Can Open Doors to a Broader Smile

One of our favorite ‘Case of the Month’ posts featuring porcelain veneers and gingival recontouring.

Key Takeaway: Aesthetic treatments can be huge game-changers for patients with low self-confidence.

5. Why You Should Tell the Lab How You Want to Seat a Restoration

Dr. Brady explains how to work more effectively with the dental lab.

Key Takeaway: Providing enough occlusal clearance is crucial for seating restorations. 

Which Gold Dust blog post was your favorite of 2017? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! And don’t miss our key takeaways from 2016 blogs…

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