Uncommon, Undisputed, and Life-Long: 3 Key Features of an Excellent Lab and How They Benefit You

Our dental lab upholds three key features of excellence.

Our philosophy is based on three features that we work hard to uphold at our lab. With the support of these three features, your dental practice can count on consistent results and continued success.

Our dental lab upholds three key features of excellence. The reason we’re so passionate about maintaining a clear outward expression of core beliefs is because we know that words have power.

The standards we demonstrate become the ones we champion, which in turn influence our effort to sustain and preserve them. Clinical excellence relies on consistency of skill and quality, but it also relies on a determination to never sacrifice values for the sake of expediency.

The 3 Features of an Excellent Lab

1. Uncommon Predictability

There is very little margin for error when it comes to producing excellent lab work. We have to accurately assess your goals on a variety of levels and translate them into a final product. That’s why we’re devoted to clearing up confusion surrounding certain lab-related processes like impression troubleshooting. This information will prevent headaches and unpredictable outcomes.

2. Undisputed Aesthetics

Our lab work is designed first and foremost to support your cases, but we’re also keen on celebrating the artistry of our talented team. Ceramists like Joost Jorna are committed to honing their craft and using their creative sensibilities to enhance and sculpt an excellent product.

We treat every case with focused attention and love to see the beautiful results that come from your initial vision. A great example of this is Dr. Bruce Hagelthorn’s full mouth rehab case, where our collaboration led to gorgeous aesthetics. 

3. Life-Long Relationship

When we say ‘life-long,’ we mean it. We truly believe that a lab-doctor relationship should last the length of your career, growing stronger over time and depending on open communication. We treasure our clients like Dr. Karisha Lynn Madden, who thinks of our lab as a member of her team and relies on us to customize for her requirements and desires.

We truly care about the formation of enduring collaborations with our dentists, so that you become a part of our dental family and we become a part of yours.

What values do you prize most in a lab? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! 

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