Case of the Month: Conservation Personified with Minimal Prep Veneers

Conservation was one of the main goals of this case.

Conservation is a pillar of sound, dependable dentistry. It enables us to preserve tooth structure and provide ideal treatment to patients.

Case #5: Minimal Prep Veneers Lead to Successful Conservation Treatment

Dr. Hornbrook on minimal prep veneers and conservationClinician: Dr. David Hornbrook, La Mesa, CA

A 19-year-old woman presented to Dr. Hornbrook’s practice with the desire to improve the appearance of her smile.


She asked for two main improvements:

  1. Whiter teeth
  2. All spaces closed

Conservation was one of the main goals of this case.Patient History

The patient had a history of direct composite bonding to enhance her pre-existing “peg” laterals and to close diastemas between her canines and premolars.

Treatment Plan

With presence of the peg laterals and the position of the teeth, the treatment plan was to place 8 “prep-less” veneers to whiten, reshape, and close all spacing.

Before and after of this conservation case of the month.Lab Collaboration

Minimal prep veneers were chosen as the restorative material of choice combined with adhesive resin cementation.

Conservation case of the month final results. Final Result

The definitive restorations resulted in a very conservative, functional, and aesthetic smile.

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