Case of the Month: Function Follows Aesthetics for Full Mouth Rehabilitations

A case with function considerations.

Get the inside scoop on one doctor’s function focused techniques in a complex full mouth rehab case.

Case #9: Function, Aesthetics, and Full Mouth Rehab

Dr. HagelthornClinician: Dr. Bruce Hagelthorn, Bingham Farms, MI

There are patients who definitely make a dramatic impact personally in our profession and Teddi was certainly one of those patients for me! She represented one of the first complex rehabilitation cases I completed with the help of Gold Dust Dental during a full mouth rehabilitation course.

Blending Function and Aesthetics

A case with function considerations.

Teddi’s complaint was one primarily of aesthetics. She wanted a smile that better matched her personality, which was vivacious, fun-loving, and youthful!

In addition, she had failing bridge work in the posterior and old bonding on the anterior. Initial diagnostics indicated a healthy joint. I determined this through Joint Vibration Analysis.

Occlusion and Anterior Guidance

case images

My goal was also to open her slightly and balance her occlusion to a final CEJ to CEJ measurement of 16.5mm. This was combined with my desire to re-establish anterior guidance while creating a gorgeous smile for Teddi.

Restoration and Fabrication

case image

We restored 6-11, 21-28 utilizing I.P.S. Empress™ in an 01 ingot. Bridgework on 3-5 and 12-14, in addition to teeth 20, 29, was fabricated with e.max Zirpress over Lava for additional strength, without any compromise to aesthetics. The results are gorgeous! (Please note: All photos are immediate post cementation).

Passion and Achievement

case image

Teddi is now a “raving fan” and advocate for the practice. She’s a patient who re-invigorated my passion for dentistry. This is a perfect example of the outstanding results achieved working with a partner laboratory that specializes in function and beauty.

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