Blast From the Past Case of the Month: Restoring More Than a Smile for Dramatic Results

The rewarding aspects of restoring a smile.

Following through with a tricky technique and creating fabulous esthetic results are professionally affirming, but we find the most rewarding moments come from the self-confidence we’re able to give patients through a new smile.

Case #11: A Smile Restoration of Discoloration, Deterioration, and Self-Confidence

Dr. Wes BookerClinician: Dr. Wes Booker, Owensboro, KY

First Steps & Comprehensive Exam

When we first conducted our comprehensive exam on Donna, her chief complaints included the appearance of the metal collar on the existing PFM crown #12, the band of Tetracycline discoloration of the teeth, and the deterioration of the incisal edges of the maxillary central incisors.

The rewarding aspects of restoring a smile.Wax Up & Restoration Decisions

After diagnostic records were complete, we formed a diagnostic wax up with the help of Gold Dust to restore the shape and function of #5-12. Because of the failure of multiple composite restorations both interproximally and on the incisal edges, we chose to restore the teeth with IPS Empress Esthetic crowns. Gold Dust’s ability to mimic natural tooth structure with porcelain shows beautifully throughout Donna’s case.

Final Results & Rewards

Restoring a smile can give patients self-confidence.While the results are dramatic and gorgeous, the most rewarding moment came from the personal comments Donna made after her final photo appointment: “The change is more than the smile. I’m no longer self conscious of the color of my teeth. I’m more confident and motivated in many aspects of my life.”

What are the most satisfying parts of a restoration in your experience? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! And if you haven’t yet, read the previous Case of the Month on a functional and cosmetic treatment plan…

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