Case of the Month: Creating Smiles by Design With Balance and Symmetry

Dr. Golab Case Results

The discipline of aesthetics in any field depends on tried and true principles. That’s why smile design requires so much careful use of balance and symmetry. To achieve something truly exquisite, you have to first make sure the bones of the thing are sturdy. Then, you can build something beautiful.

In this case, you’ll learn one dentist’s principles for doing just that.

Case #13: Predictable and Beautiful Smile Design Relies on Balance

Dr. Golab gives his principles for balance and symmetry in a smile design case. Clinician: Dr. Jonathan Golab, Flower Mound, TX

Oftentimes to appreciate where we are, we must know where we have been. Dr. Golab was gracious in sharing the results of two cases that highlight his principles of smile design. He is a progressive clinician with an impeccable eye for design, which ensures such predictable and beautiful results.

Dr. Golab Case Results

Achieving Balance and Symmetry Through 6 Key Principles

What helps make Dr. Golab a world class smile designer is his reliance on consistent principles of symmetry and design that keep the end result in mind.

Dr. Golab Case Results

The following checklist is one that creates predictable and beautiful results:

  • Width to height ratios – ideal .75:1
  • Gingival architecture – tissue symmetry, ideal zeniths and shapes where possible
  • Position – attention reflective and deflective zones
  • Prep design – towards belly button, adequate but conservative reduction with end result in mind
  • Temporizing – utilizing a wax up allowing patient to approve shape, length, phonetics, and overall look of provisionals as a close prototype to ceramic restorations
  • Outstanding photography –  including accurate prep shades and detailed information for case completion

These cases were fabricated using IPS Empress ceramic by the Gold Dust Aesthetic Team.

What do you think are the most important aspects of smile design? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! And if you’re obsessed with gorgeous smile design, check out this amazing blog on an easy tooth width proportion formula…

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