#TBT Case of the Month: Not Leaving Veneers Esthetics to Chance

pre-op dr. john nosti

Veneers are the perfect way to give patients their dream esthetics. Still, they require close collaboration with the dental lab and a willingness to seek out the very best.

Here, Dr. Nosti demonstrates an ideal technique that delivered on his patient’s esthetic goals:

Case #28: Successful Esthetic Veneers

nosti veneers estheticsClinician: Dr. John Nosti, New Jersey

Patient Background

A 50-year-old casino executive presented to my office desiring a younger, more energetic smile. He was unhappy with the size of his teeth, as well as their color, position, spaces, and the overall “lack of a full smile.”

Treatment Planning Goals

pre-op dr. john nosti


Then, I used photography to discuss the patient’s goals and existing conditions. He desired longer teeth, a wider smile, and being able to close the space. I gave him options that included conservative minimal prep veneers or orthodontics and bleaching.

Lab Collaboration

Next, he decided on conservative preparation veneers to bring out his smile, close spaces, and achieve his desired goals. With a light preparation shade of ND3, a consultation with Rob Maatta at Gold Dust determined that Empress would be an ideal choice for esthetics.

We chose BL4 as the final shade and discussed incisal characteristics. This included moderate translucency with some anatomic asymmetry to provide more depth to the veneers. Gold Dust’s Esthetic Team chose a TC0 ingot that provides even more depth and color transmitting through the veneer.

post-op dr. john nosti


Finally, the case was cemented with Variolink Veneer in 0 shade with outstanding results! My patient is thrilled with the smile he always wanted.

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If you’ve dealt with an interesting veneers case recently, we’d love if you shared about it in the comments below! 

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