Less Is Not More With Ceramic Dental Lab Scripts

Lab scripts with more information

Every dental case is unique, regardless of how similar they can sometimes feel after a long day of work at the practice. We know from experience, the more detail you include on the front end in your dental lab scripts, the more clearly we understand your expectations with each new case.

Best Ceramic Dental Lab Scripts

Dental lab scripts with more informationYou may feel you don’t want to overwhelm the lab with information, but this is highly unlikely. We would rather know more about your intentions for a case and discard what ends up being unnecessary. This is better than realizing we don’t know how you intended to prep the tooth.

That’s one of the reasons we developed three different Rx submission forms you can complete and send to us via email. Access the aesthetic, restorative and implant Rx forms here. Each form guides you toward the most critical information we need to assist you with your dentistry.

Give more information than you think you need to on a lab script because what seems obvious to you may not be obvious from the lab technician’s perspective. A ceramist is seeing your work and directions without intimate, firsthand knowledge of the patient and case.

Filling out the Rx in a digital format is another helpful move, as there is no chance of illegible writing and no need to bother yourself with scanning. We also have a ceramic dental lab online platform under our client support tab where you can upload photos, track your case and schedule as needed.

For single unit cases, smile designs, and full mouth rehabilitations, help us help you by providing as much insight into your goals as you can.

Is there anything you feel is commonly left off of dental lab scripts? We’d love to hear your perspective or unexpected tips in the comments!¬†

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