Why Gold Dust is the Right Choice for a Dental Lab


Gold Dust Dental Lab is the top cosmetic dental lab in the country

Mimicking Mother Nature is not only a science, but an art, especially when it comes to teeth. It requires an incredible amount of finesse to accomplish, and as you may know, not everyone is cut out for that level of work.

What makes us some of the finest scientists and artists in the field of restoration dentistry is we constantly strive for the utmost level of quality in both our products and our service at our cosmetic dental lab.

But you shouldn’t just take our word for it. Here are some testimonials from dentists around the country sharing their experiences working with us.

As you probably gathered, developing a personal relationship with our partners and their patients is essential to providing the best possible service. We do this with every one of the clinicians we work with and the results immensely pay off every time.

“What I value the most from our relationship with Gold Dust is the personal relationship. We can call them at any moment regarding a case they are always eager to discuss it. – Dr. Marlo Griesser

We not only make the restoration product, but we insist on being involved with the clinician and their patient in order to provide a truly beautiful, functional, and lasting restoration. By being so involved in the process, we know that we will achieve a more accurate and personal restoration than any other laboratory.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

At our world-class dental laboratory, we meticulously craft products we would be proud to put in our own mouths! That is the level of confidence both our lab and the dentists we work with place in our products.

Whether we are working on a single tooth or a full mouth restoration, you can trust every product we create is our finest work. We are privileged and honored to be part of the makeover process that changes patients lives and it is with that metamorphosis in mind that we craft personalized wonders for each client.

Our restoration portfolio displays some of our finest craftsmanship and shows what sets us apart from the competition. Also, please take a look at our testimonials page for more reviews of our work.

Hopefully, these testimonials shined some light on the dedication we have to our service. At Gold Dust Dental Lab, we regard ourselves as the premier dental restoration experts and we hope you can see why.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have. We look forward to working with you soon.

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