4 To-Do List Items For the Dental Practice Now That the Slow Season Is Over

4 Things to Stay on Top of at Your Dental Practice Now That the Slow Season Is Ending

Summer is almost over and with it the summer slump. Kids are back at school and everyone is starting to recover from record high temperatures (slowly but surely). At the dental practice, this means you have to transition from the slow season to the busy one.

by Dr. Lee Ann Brady

The slow season meant you had time to catch up on all the loose ends that get overlooked throughout the year. You could invest more personal attention in each patient and dabble in more free time.

4 To-Do List Items For the Dental Practice Now That the Slow Season Is OverBut now, fall is at the door and it isn’t all pumpkin spiced lattes and holidays (at least not for dentists). Fall is when your schedule fills to the brim.

It’s easy to get caught up in the influx of patients and forget some key processes that will help you in the long-run. So what should you put on your fall to-do list?

4 To-Do List Items for the End of the Dental Practice Slow Season 

1. Give Patient Reminders

Most patients’ insurance benefits end in December. Get an early jump on reminding them to finish incomplete treatment plans.

2. Think About Marketing

School athletics are starting back up. It may be a good time to promote your practice by supporting a team on their jerseys, in their programs, or by offering to make mouth guards.

3. Review Profit and Loss

We are halfway through the year. It is a good time to review this year’s profit and loss and make any necessary adjustments to finish the year strong.

4. Sign Up For CE

Fall is the beginning of the CE season, just like the school year. What will you learn next?

What do you make sure you’re getting ahead on or keeping up with in the autumn and winter months? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 

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