Why Your Dental Staff Team Needs Continuing Education Too

Educating Your Dental Staff Team

It’s easy to think of our dental practice staff as extensions of our own skill set and interests, rather than as separate entities who need their own internal motivation. If we don’t continuously educate team members, they may lose sight of their purpose.

by Dr. Eric Farmer 

The Value of Educating Your Dental Staff Team

Educating Your Dental Staff TeamTeam members are not disposable. They are significant investments in our time and attention as we train them to carry out our vision for the practice. As such, we must hone their skills while developing their particular interests. The more they understand why they do what they do, the more effective they will be.

We have to continuously find ways to communicate why what we’ve learned is valuable to the big picture. When we disappear for a weekend of rejuvenating CE, we may return with lots of new ideas. Unfortunately, the team wasn’t there. They don’t have the fresh information we do, nor do they have the motivation it inspired.

Instead of bombarding them with ideas, we have to provide insight in small doses. We have to be willing to transfer our passion in a way that they can fully appreciate. This is not an immediate process. Implementing changes post-CE requires time.

Before you do anything else, organize a team meeting. Then organize another. And another. Don’t plan to introduce something new instantly. Plan to provide a version of the CE you experienced that is more applicable to their particular position in the practice.

The magical thing about working in teams is that people genuinely want to care. They want to come into work knowing they have a purpose and what that purpose is. Additional education enables them to feel this way.

How do you encourage motivation in your staff? We’d love to hear from you in the comments! 

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