Why We Won’t Compromise: The Reason Our Lab Always Emphasizes Precision & Excellence

Clinical excellence requires the precision and accuracy of a bull's eye.

The sanctity of quality lab work is all about the reasoning behind clinical excellence. Here at Gold Dust, we look to the future without sacrificing precision in the process.

Clinical excellence requires the precision and accuracy of a bull's eye.What distinguishes ‘good enough’ from ‘the best’ is often as simple as an extra attention to detail. Our ceramists are always striving to cross that line and ensure that if the work can be improved then it will be improved.

Not Compromising Precision for Efficiency

We have tried and true methods that rely on the kind of precision only the human hand can achieve. But still, we’re not blind to the rapidly improving leaps in technology. That’s why we’re committed to preserving our unending quest for ‘the best,’ even as we test out new techniques, materials, and the tech accompanying them.

What we’ve learned over many years of lab work is that efficiency is subordinate to precision. We’re fascinated by advances that make digital smile design and other technology a possibility, but we’re cautious at the same time. Faster is a great ideal, but if the end result is sub par, we aren’t convinced.

Looking to the Future

For 2017, we’re committing to stepping out onto the cutting edge. We’re testing new technologies for you to see what works and what falls short. So far we’ve found there is still nothing that can make a restoration look, fit, and operate as precisely as what we create by hand. We won’t implement ‘new’ until it can be decisively proven to take what was once ‘the best’ and make it even better.

Clinical excellence requires an exacting mindset and human artistry. At Gold Dust, we’re curious about what the future holds but we retain our foundational vision: Efficiency is a worthy goal, but not at the expense of quality.

What do you define as ‘the best’ when it comes to cases and lab work? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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