How to Construct the Ideal Lab Script for Veneers

lab script veneers

Veneers require their own set of particular methods that are unique to every dentist. Working with the lab on anterior ceramic cases is all about successfully communicating your goals and what you hope to achieve. Ultimately, a superior result is directly correlated to how well the lab understands your intentions. This is where the lab script becomes central to the case.

In this blog, Dr. Farmer explains what questions you should answer in your lab script and why they are so crucial. Keep reading to hone in on perfect communication.

by Dr. Eric Farmer

Lab Script Questions for Veneers

lab script veneersWhen you are planning your anterior ceramic cases, one of the top items on your lab script needs to be YOUR plan for the case.

For example, where do you want your incisal edges to be? On each tooth, give specific measurements and send a photo of an outcome you desire.

An oft missed piece of lab communication is your anticipated prep designs on each tooth, so the lab can know how to incorporate these details into your wax up.

These details might include: Where do you anticipate breaking contact(s) and where do you anticipate your lingual margins will be?

Look at your photos and your occlusion, then invite your laboratory partners to call and discuss these things with you prior to them starting the case, especially if you are unsure. This will guarantee you’re happy and the case goes as planned.

Always have a partnership relationship with your lab so they feel free to call you and you feel free to call them. Also, do not delegate these calls to staff. The doctor needs to take a deep breath and budget the time for this. That planning time is part and parcel to great outcomes and met expectations.

What information do you include in your lab scripts for veneers? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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