How Important Is It for a Dental Practice to Be ‘Modern’?

Make your dental practice modern.

With the onset of technology in all its various forms, dentistry has changed radically in the past decade alone. Depending on your patient base, your practice may not seem modern enough if it’s lingering in a bygone era.

Make your dental practice modern.How we market, how we treat patients, and how we deliver beautiful results have been affected. So how do you decide what tried and true methods or tools to keep and which to replace with shiny new options?

If your patient base is composed primarily of people over forty, you might be able to get away with decor that screams early 2000s or even 90s, or an unwillingness to accept things like smartphones and social networks.

But if you’re starting to see more millennials in your practice or have an interest in developing that patient base for the future, you should have at least a few ‘modern’ checkboxes filled.

Simple Ways to Make Your Practice More Modern

1. Get on Social Media

It’s highly likely that you have at least a Facebook page for your practice. The more important question is, how are you using it? Nothing screams ‘behind the times’ quite like business social media profiles that post irregularly, never post, or behave more like a personal account than a professional one.

2. Invest in New Technology

This doesn’t mean you have to shell out the big bucks if analog still suits your purposes. On the other hand, you should at least develop an awareness of advancements in the latest dental technology.

Because of the internet, patients are becoming more and more knowledgable about dental treatments. If they happen to ask why you aren’t using the latest tech for their case, you should be able to give a reasonable answer.

Besides, your collaborators may be moving on to the latest and greatest, which could make it harder for you to integrate with their programs.

3. Redo Your Practice Interior or Exterior

How a place ‘feels’ really does matter to patients as they form impressions of your brand and atmosphere. If your magazines are outdated or your color scheme is old fashioned, you could lose them in the long run.

How do you keep your dental practice current? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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