How Combining Orthodontic Treatment and Cosmetic Dentistry Creates Better Outcomes: Part 1

Orthodontic treatment and cosmetic dentistry create a win-win situation

Do you shy away from adding orthodontic treatment to your cosmetic dentistry protocol? Here’s why combining the two might be better in the long-run…

by Dr. Chris Catalano

Orthodontic Treatment Creates More Possibilities

Orthodontic treatment and cosmetic dentistry create a win-win situationWinter where I live in Northern California usually means a lot of rain. When I was young and it was raining, I would race to our front door to leave for school without a raincoat. I was ready to run outside and play in the rain all the way to school, stomping in every puddle and just having a blast.

But before I made it out the door, my mom would be there with boots and a raincoat in her hands, forcing me to wear them. I would put up a little fight but eventually would acquiesce. Inevitably, I would realize my mom’s wisdom about the coat and boots and actually become happy about wearing them.

The raincoat and boots allowed more possibilities. I could play longer, do more stuff, and have more fun while being much more comfortable. I see orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry in the same way. Orthodontics is the raincoat and boots for me. It allows for more possibilities in my treatment plan. I can do more for the patient with this combination. I enjoy the process of orthodontics, the win-win collaboration and discussions with the orthodontist, and the ability to create a more ideal foundation for my cosmetic restorative work.  

I am aware of the notion that somehow there is a choice between orthodontics or cosmetic dentistry. I do not see it that way. Why not do both? For many cases, I believe orthodontic treatment combined with cosmetic dentistry leads to a better outcome.  

When I evaluate a smile for a makeover, I imagine the ideal for the patient. While I listen to the patient’s goals, I am also looking at the entire smile, the upper and lower teeth, the gingiva, the occlusion, the lips and face, and how it all comes together. Let’s face it, the most beautiful smiles are the ones where the entire smile is in perfect harmony…

Dr. Catalano will continue this line of discussion in Part 2 (coming soon)! Why do or don’t you incorporate ortho into your cosmetic treatments? 

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