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Recent articles

finding niche in dentistry

Creating Your Niche in Dentistry

General dentist can mean so many different things to so many different dentists. It’s a blanket term, which is why it sure doesn’t account for the multitude of variations in how people choose to structure their dental practices. If you’re having trouble settling into a niche or figuring out how to practice the way you […]


#TBT Case of the Month: Creating a Perfect Smile for the Perfect Day

So often it’s special events that make our patients prioritize their oral health and seek that perfect smile. It’s an extra honor to create smiles that give patients more confidence for their weddings or other precious moments. In this case, Dr. Estep lets us into her dental process and explains how she handles the pressure of […]

Dental practice hiring

Finding Talent in Your Dental Practice Team Hiring Process

There are few things more nerve-wracking in running the business side of a dental practice than hiring and firing. When we sign on as dentists, rarely do we ever think at the outset about the far-off challenge of creating and maintaining a high-functioning team. Effectively Hiring for Talent We will inevitably have to bring in […]

The online dental practice customer review

Online Marketing: The Power of the Internet Review

The power of online marketing is nowhere more evident than in reviews left on the Internet. With a couple easy clicks, potential patients can learn all about your style of care through firsthand review anecdotes. There are positives and negatives to this open venue of information. It can be a great way to attract new […]

digital or analog dentistry

Moving Forward or Looking Back: Digital vs. Analog Dentistry

It’s challenging to decide in each unique situation whether it’s time to move on to the latest trend in technological advancement or stick with the old analog standby. On one hand, digital dentistry is shiny and presents many exciting possibilities. On the other, it can also require a steep learning curve fraught with unfamiliar terms […]

Case Photos

#TBT Case of the Month: e.max Rehab, Cut Back, and Layered Ceramic

Ivoclar IPS e.max is a state-of-the-art restorative material utilized in several applications with great success. The following case documents the results that were achieved with my last reconstruction. Gear up for patient satisfaction and a gorgeous cut back/layered ceramic outcome! Case #24: e.max Rehabilitation, Cut Back, and Layered Ceramic Clinician: Dr. Will Lacey, Durango, CO When the […]

restoring aged or imperfect teeth

Case Challenge: Restoration of Aged or ‘Imperfect’ Teeth

All dental cases are not created equal, but luckily the more tricky ones can be handled with the right combination of excellent clinical skills and ideal dental lab. One of the biggest challenges we encounter in the dental practice is the case of aged or ‘imperfect’ teeth. For the case featured in this post, I […]

airway centric cosmetic dentistry

Airway Centric Cosmetic Dentistry: Part 2

Airway centric cosmetic dentistry is taking a more global view of the smile makeover process. Instead of looking at teeth only, we must look at the whole picture of the patient to determine the correct course of treatment. by Dr. Chris Catalano Shifting to Airway Centric Cosmetic Dentistry The process of incorporating an awareness of the airway […]

airway centric cosmetic dentistry

Airway Centric Cosmetic Dentistry: Part 1

There is a revolution happening in dentistry and medicine right now and it has to do with the airway – how we breathe. It’s our body’s most vital function. If you can’t breathe, you die. If you struggle to breathe, you are at risk for many health problems. Sleep studies, CBCT airway analysis, pulse oximeter […]