Product Spotlight: Quicksplint As A Versatile Implant and Deprogramming Tool


QuicksplintOne product that has been getting a lot of buzz lately is Quicksplint—a useful and adaptable tool when it comes to decreasing patients’ pain. Marketed as incredibly “practical,” Quicksplint has been trial run by Dr. Lee Ann Brady and found to be both fast and effective.

Dr. Brady has written from firsthand experience that Quicksplint was a tool that she initially went to when dealing with acute pain in her patients, especially as it provides the safeguard of a highly retentive design. She soon realized that Quicksplint can serve a multipurpose function in other areas targeted at decreasing patient discomfort, from an inexpensive guard against grinding to deprogramming the masticatory muscles.

Overall, Quicksplint enables dentists to work more effectively with implants, as it is designed specifically for the initial healing process. According to the Quicksplint blog, it “takes less than five minutes to fabricate,” which is a real boon for those looking to maximize their efficiency in the office. It is intended to be replaced at some point by a longer-term appliance, serving as “an aid to minimize complications associated with dental implants.”

Here’s a quick bullet point summary of the various noted uses of Quicksplint:

➢ Time-saving
➢ Reimbursable
➢ Protects the implant site
➢ Complications are minimized
➢ Inhibits parafunctional clenching
➢ Helps patients experience grinding
➢ Useful after endo therapy
➢ Deprograms the masticatory muscles
➢ Enables accurate centric relation records

This extensive list demonstrates the versatility of Quicksplint and the potential domino effect of value it can have once it is introduced into the practice.

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