A Method for Revisiting Your Vision Statement to Improve Your Work Life

Rewrite your vision statement to reflect you current dental practice values.

We may start our careers with a simple, coherent vision statement, only to find it has become less and less fitting as the dental practice changes. Here’s how to revisit yours to improve confidence and workplace efficiency.

by Dr. Lee Ann Brady

The Importance of a Vision Statement

Rewrite your vision statement to reflect you current dental practice values.In any business, the vision statement is an essential touchstone that represents your clearest goals for the future of your practice. The problem is people change, goals shift, employees leave, and new ones come into the picture.

If you’ve let your vision get dusty and stale, take a moment to revisit it with the help of your team.

Here’s a 4-step approach to honing in on your expectations for the practice:

Who are we?

It’s worthwhile to articulate who you are as a practice.

What do we do?

Delve into the benefits your offer the community. Consider what makes you special or impressive.

Who do we do it for?

It may seem obvious, but this question goes deeper than ‘our patients.’

How do we do it?

This is where you get to the root of your purpose as a practice.

Tying it all Together

It can come as a surprise how simultaneously difficult and enlightening it is to determine the answers to the above questions.

Start by organizing a meeting with your team devoted solely to creating a new vision statement. You can use visual cues like a white board and have each team member answer the question in their own voice. Then, compile the answers into a statement that unites the overlap in your impressions.

This will help you distill a unified mindset that encourages efficiency, a positive work life, and confidence as you strive to improve.

How do you make shared goals a part of your dental practice’s approach to success? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! 

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