Why to Use a High-End Lab

Switching labs can be a difficult decision and process. Dr. Eric Farmer talks about the reasons he decided to work with Gold Dust. Eight years ago after I took Ultimate Occluson Level 1, I started to have some frustrations with the results I was getting from my local lab.  They did not understand the language […]

Black Triangles

Common Clinical Scenario: How to Close Black Triangles

One of the common requests dentists get from patients seeking restorative dentistry is to “close” the black triangles giving their teeth an unattractive appearance. By Dr. Lee Ann Brady On the one hand, fixing black triangles can be an enjoyable way to give the patient an easy to see, drastic change in the attractiveness of […]

Dental Lab Tips

Go-To Dental Lab Tips: From Photos to Prep

Working with the dental lab brings up a a long list of common questions. In this post, we outline a few that come up time and again. Negotiating the complex requirements for lab cases can be a confusing process. Use these three tips when sending your case to a trusted ceramist. Preschedule Your Smile Design Cases […]


How To Take A Stick Bite Your Lab Can Use

Why is a Stick Bite important? Oftentimes at the lab we find that dentists have many difficulties with properly utilizing the stick bite in their practices. Because of this, we’ve interviewed Paul Lindsey, owner of Gold Dust Dental, so that he can explain how to effectively use stick bites and what common mistakes to look out for: […]