Dr. Lee Ann Brady Incisal Edge Translucency

The Number One Key to Achieving Esthetic Incisal Translucency

Esthetics are coming to dominate the dental scene as patients become more knowledgable about oral health and cosmetic options. If you want to benefit from this trend, you have to create superior esthetics and market your skills effectively. Incisal translucency is one area in particular where you can elevate the quality of restorations. by Dr. Lee […]

Occlusal clearance issues with e.max while working on a restoration.

Why You Should Tell the Lab How You Want to Seat a Restoration

Working effectively with the lab during a restoration depends on our ability to see things from the lab’s perspective (same goes for the lab with the dentist). This is especially true when cementing and bonding with e.max. In Dr. Brady’s previous blog on Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max as a versatile ceramic, she explained many advantages to the […]

Believing certain rules hold true 100% of the time in sleep dentistry can be detrimental to care.

Sleep Dentistry Part 2: The Danger of Believing in 100% Rules

In any healthcare field, it is especially difficult to form appropriate treatment plans when we understand the result of a problem, but don’t actually know the cause. Believing there are rules that hold true 100% of the time in these types of uncertain cases is dangerous. Read on to learn why accepting ambiguity and doubt with sleep-related […]