Scaler Technique Patient Pre-Op

Case of the Month: Prep Successfully With Your Scaler

Ingenuity is the name of the game for one doctor’s approach to prep design with a scaler.  Read on to get the inside scoop on a unique Case of the Month. We love how Dr. Creasman managed to avoid compromising aesthetics, strength, and longevity. Case #2: Prep With Your Scaler – No Burs, No Anesthetic Minimal […]

Final Prep Veneer

The Pendulum of Porcelain Veneer Preparation Design

You’ve heard of Shark Week? Well, here on the Gold Dust Blog we’re starting our very own “Veneer Month” series for the curious dental professional. Dr. Lee Ann Brady will delve into the ins-and-outs of veneer-specific topics over the next few weeks.  Preparation designs for porcelain veneers have varied dramatically over the years. We began […]

preparation design veneers

Close Gingival Embrasures with Veneer Preparation Design

Sound preparation design is the cornerstone of solving complex cases.  by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Recently I received a series of clinical photographs with a question, “What should I do to close the gingival embrasures?” It’s a common question and comes down to preparation design. We close gingival embrasures (or try to) routinely with direct […]

Relining Impression

Relining: Impression Troubleshooting Challenge #8

Relining an impression leads to inaccuracy, though many dentists assume it will save them money. For our final post on impression troubleshooting, we’re looking at an issue that arises when dentists mistakenly assume that cost-saving measures will actually use less time and money in the end. In the previous seven impression troubleshooting blogs, we focused […]

undercuts and abfractions

Undercuts and Abfractions: Impression Troubleshooting Challenge #6

Undercuts and abfractions pose a significant challenge to dentists who are overly concerned with conservative dentistry. Being too desperate to save tooth structure can work against you when it comes to taking impressions. In this case, an unnecessary remake from the lab can be an unintended consequence. Undercuts and Abfractions – Understanding Limitations Many dentists feel […]

impression discontinuity

Discontinuity: Impression Troubleshooting Challenge #5

Discontinuity is one of the subtler impression challenges. Want to avoid lab confusion and remake headaches in your smile design cases? Even the most experienced dentists can make unexpected mistakes if they don’t fully anticipate how to think like a lab. In this post, we’re giving you the lab’s perspective on how to avoid frustrating remakes from impressions […]

Impression Troubleshooting

Impression Troubleshooting Challenge #4: Pulls and Bubbles

There are many impression methods dentists unknowingly use that cause lab confusion and remake headaches. An improper result can necessitate re-doing all of your hard work at the practice and create a longer time before the finished product is ready for the patient. One area we’ve noticed causes a significant amount of problems is ‘pulls […]

impression gold dust and dr olitsky

Impression Troubleshooting Challenge #3: Cowboy Hats

There are many challenges dentists face in taking an impression that can be utilized effectively by the lab. Oftentimes, the list of “what not to do” when it comes to impressions and preps is far more important than the list of what to do, because an improper result can lead to frustrating remakes and a […]