A precise approach to armamentarium is key to successful tooth prep.

Why a Precise System for Tooth Prep Creates Superior Results

In this final post on anterior tooth preparation parameters, I discuss the significance of creating a precise system for your chosen tools.  by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Over the course of my blogs on anterior tooth preparation, one important rationale has remained the same: Aim for predictability. Why do I continue to emphasize this point? […]

Common alterations for restoring anterior teeth.

2 Common Alterations for Restoring Anterior Teeth

So you’ve decided on an approach to restoring anterior teeth that falls somewhere on the spectrum between minimal and aggressive. You’ve even gone so far as to properly treatment plan the tooth preparation. What comes next?  by Dr. Lee Ann Brady There are two common alterations you should consider when moving forward with a tooth […]

Treatment plan for successful tooth preparation.

Why You Should Treatment Plan for Desirable Clinical Outcomes

The first step of any successful anterior tooth preparation is to treatment plan. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady In my last post, I delved into the differences between aggressive, minimal, and “in the middle” tooth preparation approaches. It’s important to acknowledge this spectrum so that we don’t minimize the important differences between each patient’s preparation. For […]

Good tooth preparation includes a range of minimal to aggressive approaches.

3 Essential Ways to Maximize Tooth Preparation Benefits

Are we better off choosing the minimal, aggressive, or “in the middle” approach for tooth preparation?  by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Complacency can overcome even the most Type A of dentists. We spend too many of our days repeating the same techniques over and over again. After a while, we begin to develop patterns that turn individualized treatments into […]