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#TBT Case of the Month: Meeting Aesthetic Desires in a Tough Economy

It’s important to fully meet patients’ aesthetic desires, despite outside conditions that might be affecting the economy or the larger world. Below, one dentist describes a case that emphasized delivering on expectations. Case #17: Achieving Aesthetic Desires in a Tough Economy Clinician: Dr. Mike Maroon, Berlin, CT The desire for aesthetic improvements in one’s smile does not disappear […]

Versatility of ceramic veneers in the dental practice.

How to Take Advantage of the Versatility of Ceramic Veneers

Today’s ceramic veneers offer a whole host of useful qualities and functions. This blog provides insight from one dentist on how to take advantage of ceramic veneers in your practice. It’s just one more example of how we can be creative in our application of dental materials. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Ceramic Veneers Provide […]

Educating Your Dental Staff Team

Why Your Dental Staff Team Needs Continuing Education Too

It’s easy to think of our dental practice staff as extensions of our own skill set and interests, rather than as separate entities who need their own internal motivation. If we don’t continuously educate team members, they may lose sight of their purpose. by Dr. Eric Farmer  The Value of Educating Your Dental Staff Team Team […]

case photos

Throwback Thursday Case of the Month: Taking a Patient’s Smile From Fair to Fabulous With Empress Aesthetics Veneers

We love Empress Aesthetics at Gold Dust Dental because it ensures gorgeous custom restorations. Our dentists appreciate the predictable results in everything from dental implants, conservative inlay/onlays, and crown and bridgework to smile designs and complex reconstructions. Truly, the right materials can take a patient’s smile from fair to fabulous.  Read on to see case results and a […]

Occlusal clearance issues with e.max while working on a restoration.

Why You Should Tell the Lab How You Want to Seat a Restoration

Working effectively with the lab during a restoration depends on our ability to see things from the lab’s perspective (same goes for the lab with the dentist). This is especially true when cementing and bonding with e.max. In Dr. Brady’s previous blog on Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max as a versatile ceramic, she explained many advantages to the […]

how to achieve patient goals

2 Ways to Successfully and Efficiently Achieve Patient Goals

Consistently achieving patient goals is one of the most important abilities we acquire as dentists. We have to balance solid communication, efficiency, and technical skills. In this blog, Dr. Catalano delves into two facets of successful care: listening and battling perfectionism. If we don’t hear what the person’s true values are, we can’t deliver exactly […]

#ThrowbackThursday Case of the Month: Minimal Prep Aesthetic Case

A post-ortho aesthetic case requires detailed treatment planning to achieve a successful result. Read on to learn how one dentist used a conservative restorative solution for exactly this purpose. Case #15: Post-Ortho Aesthetic Case Success A 17-year-old patient presented with unsatisfactory post-ortho results. After fracturing teeth #8 and #9 in a skateboarding accident, composite bonding was a stopgap measure […]

control bites for vertical dimension changes

Taking Control of Vertical Dimension Changes in Dentistry: Control Bites Part 2

Control bites are a crucial technique when working with vertical dimension changes. Read on for Part 2 of Dr. Catalano’s approach to this complex area of dentistry.  by Dr. Chris Catalano In my previous post on this topic (which you can find over at the Clinical Mastery Series blog) I explained why vertical dimension is so tricky and the initial […]