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control bites for vertical dimension changes

Taking Control of Vertical Dimension Changes in Dentistry: Control Bites Part 2

Control bites are a crucial technique when working with vertical dimension changes. Read on for Part 2 of Dr. Catalano’s approach to this complex area of dentistry.  by Dr. Chris Catalano In my previous post on this topic (which you can find over at the Clinical Mastery Series blog) I explained why vertical dimension is so tricky and the initial […]

The necessary step for problem solving seating a crown.

The Most Important Step You Need to Problem Solve Crown Cases

Seating a crown is not always the simplest process. When issues occur, you have to take the time to figure out what went wrong.  by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Seating a Crown: Using Processes to Understand the Problem All of us have had the experience of seating a crown and having the contacts be too […]

Case of the Month photos

Case of the Month: Creating an Occlusion That Resists Parafunction

Patients who parafunction present a significant challenge because they require precise occlusal techniques. On top of that, there is a higher likelihood they will break restorations. Read on to learn how one dentist approached a cosmetic case where parafunction posed initial complications. Case #14: Treatment Planning and Occlusion When Parafunction Exists Clinician: Dr. Eric Rouah, Toronto, Ontario-Canada […]

Gold Dust Dental Lab ceramist Joost Jorna clears up questions dentists have about seating a crown.

Dental Lab Ceramist Dispels Common Technical Questions About Seating a Crown

We’ve found that the best way to help our dentists is to anticipate their questions and concerns before they have them. One common technical process that tends to frustrate many dental professionals relates to seating a crown. Etching, contacts, oven temperatures, and more tasks can be tricky, so we asked Gold Dust lab ceramist Joost […]

Believing certain rules hold true 100% of the time in sleep dentistry can be detrimental to care.

Sleep Dentistry Part 2: The Danger of Believing in 100% Rules

In any healthcare field, it is especially difficult to form appropriate treatment plans when we understand the result of a problem, but don’t actually know the cause. Believing there are rules that hold true 100% of the time in these types of uncertain cases is dangerous. Read on to learn why accepting ambiguity and doubt with sleep-related […]

Dr. Golab Case Results

Case of the Month: Creating Smiles by Design With Balance and Symmetry

The discipline of aesthetics in any field depends on tried and true principles. That’s why smile design requires so much careful use of balance and symmetry. To achieve something truly exquisite, you have to first make sure the bones of the thing are sturdy. Then, you can build something beautiful. In this case, you’ll learn one […]

Dr. Farmer discusses how to build your dream practice in three steps.

How to Create Your Dream Dental Practice in 3 Simple Steps

One of the best ways to accomplish a complex task is to break it down into simpler parts. Dr. Eric Farmer is back for more of his wisdom on building and maintaining your dream dental practice. by Dr. Eric Farmer 1. Inspire an Enthusiastic Dream Team All of my practice’s team members are familiar with our […]