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Subscribe to our blogs to learn guided material selection for complex rehab cases, Clinical Mastery restorative training, and inspirational case studies from our smile design dental lab.

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Dr. Farmer discusses how to build your dream practice in three steps.

How to Create Your Dream Dental Practice in 3 Simple Steps

One of the best ways to accomplish a complex task is to break it down into simpler parts. Dr. Eric Farmer is back for more of his wisdom on building and maintaining your dream dental practice. by Dr. Eric Farmer 1. Inspire an Enthusiastic Dream Team All of my practice’s team members are familiar with our […]

Ceramist Joost Jorna loves fabricating a full ceramic bridge.

Why One Ceramist Loves the Esthetic Challenge of a Full Ceramic Bridge

Our Gold Dust ceramist Joost Jorna is back with another Q & A about his side of the case equation and what makes him love the process of fabricating a full ceramic bridge.  Joost is Gold Dust’s resident technological advancements buff and is part of our effort to test new methods without sacrificing precision or […]

Pre-Op of Diastema Closure Case

Case of the Month: How a Diastema Closure Can Open Doors to a Broader Smile

This case delves into how aesthetic treatments like closing a diastema can be huge game-changers for patients with low self-confidence. Case #12: Self-Conscious Patients, Smile Enhancements, and Diastema Closures Clinician: Dr. David Yudkowsky, Chicago, IL Treatment Options & Discussion Jennifer came into my office with a terrific personality but a smile she had been self-conscious about her […]

Rewrite your vision statement to reflect you current dental practice values.

A Method for Revisiting Your Vision Statement to Improve Your Work Life

We may start our careers with a simple, coherent vision statement, only to find it has become less and less fitting as the dental practice changes. Here’s how to revisit yours to improve confidence and workplace efficiency. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady The Importance of a Vision Statement In any business, the vision statement is […]

Here's why doctors are on islands and should reach out more.

The Island Effect: How to Refresh Your Mindset by Reaching Out to Others

Dentists are on islands. What this means is that in many cases, unless you work at a practice with multiple dentists, you’re likely isolated by the inherently individualistic nature of dentistry. It’s difficult to refresh your mindset in this environment. It’s easy to get stuck in a rut or forget the value of communicating. It can […]

The rewarding aspects of restoring a smile.

Blast From the Past Case of the Month: Restoring More Than a Smile for Dramatic Results

Following through with a tricky technique and creating fabulous esthetic results are professionally affirming, but we find the most rewarding moments come from the self-confidence we’re able to give patients through a new smile. Case #11: A Smile Restoration of Discoloration, Deterioration, and Self-Confidence Clinician: Dr. Wes Booker, Owensboro, KY First Steps & Comprehensive Exam When we […]

To create an optimal patient experience, you must prevent and treat post-operative joint and muscle pain.

2 Ways to Create a More Optimal Experience for Your Patients

The sensations a patient has after leaving the office and completing treatment are often the most important measure they have of success or failure. So what can we do in this space to create more optimal treatment experiences? by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Pain is not a case outcome that any dentist can bargain with or avoid entirely. […]

Perspectives on materials and communication from a Gold Dust ceramist.

A Ceramist’s Take on Lab Skills, Communication, and the Key to Success

Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of your trusted ceramist? Look no further, because we’ve interviewed one of our own for this lab-specific Q & A. A good ceramist works in concert with dentists, complimenting their skill set and creating a finished product that blends artistry and exacting measurements. Our ceramist Joost Jorna sat down […]