Our Formula

Experience Gold Dust’s secret sauce for ground-breaking cosmetic dental lab work, function-perfect restorations, and career-inspiring relationships.

Ahead of the curve in dentistry

since 1982

For over 30 years, we have been educating our clients on trends, guiding material selection, assisting in case planning for complex restorations, and creating award-winning smiles. As partners, we care about the end result of your case as much as you do, and we do not rest until it’s right.

Expertise + Service + Relationship

= Dental Mastery

Results of the formula

Cosmetic Dental Lab

Account Specialists

You will be assigned a highly trained clinical specialist as your very own Account Specialist (something like your concierge at a 5 Diamond resort). This individual is baptized in the technical details of your case and crusades to make sure your preferences are fully achieved & exceeded.

Whether a single unit case or a full mouth implant rehabilitation, your Account Specialist acts as your liaison to every department inside Gold Dust’s cosmetic dental lab.As with many of our clients today, we hope to build a relationship with you that lasts your dental lifetime.


Results of the formula

Genius Technicians PNG


Our technicians are the most talented and skilled players on your team. You are paired with individuals who have years of unparalleled experience in finding solutions and creating restorations that bring tears of joy to the eyes of patients and dentists alike.

We are ambitious for excellence and know that most of our doctors are fun, creative and as committed to excellence as we are! We have even come to be known as geniuses when it comes to incisal edges and complex full arch implants — but we'll let you be the judge of that.


Results of the formula


Timely Delivery

We completely understand how important each case is to you. Being intimately aware of the extensive time and effort put into each patient, we strongly recommend prescheduling all of your cases. This guarantees a date when you will receive your case and then enable you to schedule your seat date accordingly without making changes to your patient’s appointment.

If no prescheduled date is set, we will return your case on the first available date in our production schedule.


Results of the formula


Results Guaranteed

We stand behind every restoration we make and guarantee its integrity against material failure based on the following guidelines:

  • Three (3) years for all-ceramic and porcelain fused to metal restorations or zirconia.
  • Two (2) years for reinforced indirect composite restorations.
  • One (1) year for Emprethins, no-prep veneers and all Gold Rush units.
We will repair it or remake it at no cost, one (1) time from the original ship date.


Vow of Communication


Save your Account Manager’s number on speed-dial because we answer questions immediately (detailed technical questions within 3 hours max).


Email us before 3pm and expect to hear back from us on the same business day. Did we mention our daily tracking email notifications of shipped cases? We do that too.


Mark us as Favorites on Skype to video conference about the details of your cases in real-time (don’t forget to schedule with your Account Specialist!).

Make your job easier

Get more out of your dental lab

We equip our doctors with elite hands-on restorative training, the highest-quality dental materials, and workplace systems for practice management.

Give it a try, then give us a call.

Stratos Articulator | Gold Dust Dental Lab
Stratos Articulator | Gold Dust Dental Lab
Stratos Articulator | Gold Dust Dental Lab

Dental Products

A-grade materials used to fabricate implants, inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridgework for complex full mouth rehab and cosmetic smile design cases.

Dental Practice Management
Dental Practice Management
Dental Practice Management

Practice Management

We help solve your managing nightmares with easy, streamlined forms and team checklists to keep accountability and deliverability flowing.

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Clinical Techniques

We are committed to equipping you with the best resources, dental lab techniques, and hands-on restorative training for clinical success.


ready to take your lab work to the next level?