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Access our dental techniques and guides for flawless procedure appointments and long-lasting dentistry. Remember that we're happy to answer questions and provide technical support at anytime.

Diagnostic Wax Kit Guide

Maximize predictability and adequate clearance, path of insertion, and a perfect replica of your custom design.


Expert’s Cementation Guide

Maximize accuracy & predictability like the pros in all your aesthetic cementation procedures with this simple guide.


Full Mouth Records Checklist

The Clinical Mastery Series protocol for taking deprogrammed bite records for your diagnostic wax up.

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Download The Expert's Diagnostic Wax Kit Guide.

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Download The Expert's Full Mouth Records Checklist

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‘‘If you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.

- Steve Jobs

‘‘If you give them tools, they'll do wonderful things with them.

- Steve Jobs

Dental Lab techniques

Download. Do it yourself. Smile

Stick Bite

Download this Stick Bite Technique guide to confirm the smile line and mid-line reference to the patients face.

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Download: The Stick Bite Technique


Color Correction Coping Guide

Our e.Max correction coping technique for multi-unit cases, where potentially one unit has a dark or off-colored stump shade.

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Download: The Color Correction Coping Guide


Preparation Checklist

A guide based on the Clinical Mastery Series Protocol for a 10 over 10, phase one preparation and provisionalization appointment.

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Download: The Appointment Preparation Checklist


Wax Up Technique Checklist

Start at (1) Pre-op polyvinyl impression of mandibular & maxillary arches, and check-mark your way to wax up success.

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Download: The Wax Up Technique Checklist


Cement Choices

Use our experts' top suggested Cementation Options for IPS Empress® & IPS e.max® Restorations in your cases.

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Download: The Cement Choices Guide


Aesthetic Cementation Checklist

From provisionals to final polymerization and finishing this checklist gives you every you need.

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Download: The Aesthetic Cementation Checklist


Aesthetic Preparation Checklist

From diagnostic transfer, to fabricating provisionals this checklist gives you every you need.

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Download: The Aesthetic Preparation Checklist

Dr. Trent Smallwood

‘‘When patients spend the kind of investment they do on their smile you MUST have a laboratory that meets and exceeds expectations. Gold Dust produces the epitome of excellence. There is not a group out there that can create beautiful smiles as consistently as the porcelain dental lab team at Gold Dust, they are a true rarity.

Dr. Trent Smallwood

Dr. John Nosti

‘‘What I value most about my relationship with a laboratory is the personal connection, which I definitely receive with Gold Dust. They are committed to excellence, they want me to succeed, they want the case to succeed and I feel they are in it for the long run. That’s what I love about working with Gold Dust.

Dr. John Nosti


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