Redefining the standards of aesthetic dentistry — one case at a time.

Dentistry by Dr. Jason Olitsky


Redefining the standards of aesthetic dentistry — one case at a time.

Dentistry by Dr. Jason Olitsky

A Smile Design Dental Lab

Creating Strong Partnerships

One word sets our smile design dental lab apart: relationship. From single unit crowns to complex interdisciplinary rehabilitation cases, we are committed to creating beautifully functional results and building strong doctor-lab relationships. We’re not just technicians; we are a creative team dedicated to constant and never ending education in partnership with our clients.

A Superior Smile Design Dental Lab

Excellence is our specialty

Complex cases are our everyday specialty, and nobody is as committed as Gold Dust. Why? We solve problems. We save time. We believe in creating long-lasting friendships with our dentists that inspire better dentistry — because everything we stand for is on the line. Welcome to a team of outstanding lab technicians, avid dental connoisseurs, and passionate artists dedicated to making both doctor and patient incredibly happy.

‘‘During my 26 years of practicing dentistry, I have had the privilege to work with some of the finest dental labs in the industry. Never have I seen the level of quality, professionalism, education, and partnership that I have with Gold Dust Dental Lab. Gold Dust’s knowledge base radiates confidence in every restoration that they manufacture. Collaborating with Gold Dust Dental Lab has allowed me to be the best that I can be for my Guest. In my professional and personal opinion, Gold Dust is the exceptional choice for a Restorative Dental Lab.

Dr. Sam Cress

Dr. Valerie Warren, a dentist who has developed a relationship with this smile design dental lab .

‘‘The relationship I developed with Gold Dust has changed my life and practice forever. I feel it has allowed me to take my practice to the next level by their quality work and vast array of resources to enhance my practice. Gold Dust has honestly become a synergistic part of my practice and they are the only lab I use.

Dr. Valerie Warren

Dr. Mary Viechnicki, a dentist who is partnered with this smile design dental lab

‘‘I’ve been using Gold Dust exclusively for the last 10 years since I started my office and they are the only lab I use. The first veneer case I did was with them, and it was on my father. Gold Dust’s attention to detail was just unsurpassed. Since then it’s been a perfect relationship!

Dr. Mary Viechnicki

Dr. Farokh Jiveh, a dentist who is partnered with this smile design dental lab and talks about their exceptional work

‘‘We all have people in our lives that are instrumental to our success. Today, without a doubt, it was proved that using an extraordinary dental lab can truly reduce stress and be so influential and contributory to the success of not just a single case but future patients. My assistant and I today were in complete awe and disbelief how life-like, natural, and beautiful these crowns just dropped right in with ZERO adjustments!!!

Dr. Farokh Jiveh

‘‘What I value most about my relationship with a laboratory is the personal connection, which I definitely receive with Gold Dust. They are committed to excellence, they want me to succeed, they want the case to succeed and I feel they are in it for the long run. Thats what I love about working for Gold Dust.

Dr. John Nosti

Ridiculously gorgeous results


Knowledge is key

Unlock new concepts, techniques, and tricks from the most brilliant minds of the dental industry by following our smile design blogs.

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Case Studies

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You are the visionary here. Our aim is to fully absorb your patient goals and vision of cosmetic dentistry through countless hours of evaluation, diagnostics, and critique to match your preferences.

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This is not our case, this is your case. We are amazing technicians and incredibly talented artists guided by your unique goals and patient needs. Success is measured by your satisfaction. Period.

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There is no substitute for experience. Complex cases are our every-day specialty. We are undisputed experts because, quite frankly, we deliver predictability with a graceful ease and outstanding technique.

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Deliverability is our creed. You invested in Gold Dust as your choice smile design dental lab, so we live up to your expectations. We work to make award-winning smiles for your patients — thus adding to your legacy.

Menu Of Services
  • Stratos Articulator Adapter
  • Rigistick
  • Diagnostic Wax Up And Wax Kits
  • Dental Implants
  • Full Mouth Rehab
  • Single Unit Posterior

Highest Quality Gold Dust Products

  • Authentic Gold Rush Products
  • Feldspathic

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  • I.P.S Empress
  • I.P.S E.MAX
  • 3M LAVA

Digital Dentistry

  • CEREC® Connect
  • Cadent Itero
  • Lava Chairside oral Scanner
  • Prime Scan (Sirona Scans)

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