Case Studies

for dentists

Case Studies

for dentists

Pre-Op of Diastema Closure Case

Case of the Month: How a Diastema Closure Can Open Doors to a Broader Smile

This case delves into how aesthetic treatments like closing a diastema can be huge game-changers for patients with low self-confidence. Case #12: Self-Conscious Patients, Smile Enhancements, and Diastema Closures Clinician: Dr. David Yudkowsky, Chicago, IL Treatment Options & Discussion Jennifer came into my office with a terrific personality but a smile she had been self-conscious about her […]

The rewarding aspects of restoring a smile.

Blast From the Past Case of the Month: Restoring More Than a Smile for Dramatic Results

Following through with a tricky technique and creating fabulous esthetic results are professionally affirming, but we find the most rewarding moments come from the self-confidence we’re able to give patients through a new smile. Case #11: A Smile Restoration of Discoloration, Deterioration, and Self-Confidence Clinician: Dr. Wes Booker, Owensboro, KY First Steps & Comprehensive Exam When we […]


Case of the Month: A Functional and Cosmetic Treatment Plan

Erosion, eruption, and more feature in this month’s cosmetic case. Case #10: Treatment Planning with Dual Functional and Cosmetic Goals Clinician: Dr. John Nosti, Mays Landing, NJ A 23-year-old female presented with erosion on the maxillary anteriors. This led to loss of anterior guidance, centric occlusion not coinciding with maximum intercuspation, resultant wear on the […]

A tooth width proportion formula worked in this case.

Treating Ectodermal Dysplasia With a Tooth Width Proportion Formula

In a past post on the Clinical Mastery Series blog, clinical faculty and educator Dr. Chris Catalano introduced a tooth width proportion formula he uses to enhance smile design in everyday dentistry. Here, he’ll go into more depth on the case where he used the formula to great success. This blog is essentially a continuation of […]

A case with function considerations.

Case of the Month: Function Follows Aesthetics for Full Mouth Rehabilitations

Get the inside scoop on one doctor’s function focused techniques in a complex full mouth rehab case. Case #9: Function, Aesthetics, and Full Mouth Rehab Clinician: Dr. Bruce Hagelthorn, Bingham Farms, MI There are patients who definitely make a dramatic impact personally in our profession and Teddi was certainly one of those patients for me! […]

In this Case of the Month, Dr. Hornbrook explains his smile enhancement goals.

Case of the Month: Smile Enhancement With No Prep Veneers

Minimal prep veneers add resilience and beauty to smile enhancement cases.  Case #8: Smile Enhancement & Minimal Prep Veneers Clinician: Dr. David Hornbrook, San Diego, CA During a Live Patient Over-the-Shoulder program at ATSU in Arizona hosted by Clinical Mastery Series, Dr. David Hornbrook demonstrated the ease and beauty of minimal prep veneers restorations. Restoration Fabrication The patient selected as a model […]

Restorative Excellence Case of the Month Post Op

Case of the Month: Invisalign + Restorative Excellence = Beautiful Results

Restorative excellence is something we should always strive for as clinicians. At every point in the process, a case should work toward this goal.  Case #7: Reaching Restorative Excellence – Wear and Asymmetry Clinician: Dr. Jim Birrell, Greenbrae, CA A 29-year-old, out-going young woman was looking for smile enhancement options and was referred to Dr. Jim Birrell. Patient Concerns […]

Beautiful results were achieved with this case!

Case of the Month: Train Wreck Cases and Restoring Function First for Beautiful Results

Some cases can be easily classified as train wrecks when they appear at our dental practices. Restoring function is even more satisfying in these situations. Case #6: Restoring Function in a Case of Massive Erosion and Wear Clinician: Dr. Mary Viechnicki, Allentown, PA A 38-year-old patient presented with dentition destroyed by massive erosion and wear. Extreme sensitivity […]

Conservation was one of the main goals of this case.

Case of the Month: Conservation Personified with Minimal Prep Veneers

Conservation is a pillar of sound, dependable dentistry. It enables us to preserve tooth structure and provide ideal treatment to patients. Case #5: Minimal Prep Veneers Lead to Successful Conservation Treatment Clinician: Dr. David Hornbrook, La Mesa, CA A 19-year-old woman presented to Dr. Hornbrook’s practice with the desire to improve the appearance of her smile. […]

A team effort made this a successful case.

Case of the Month: The Team Approach to Stunning Smiles and Ideal Function

When a case combines aesthetic and functional needs, the team approach to treatment is essential to success. Case #4: A Solid Team, Comprehensive Treatment, and Ideal Lab Techniques Clinician: Dr. Paul Biederman, Anchorage, AK With old failing restorations a significant reverse smile line, and lack of anterior guidance, patient Linda pursued treatment for aesthetic and functional reasons. […]