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Case of the Month: Creating an Occlusion That Resists Parafunction

Patients who parafunction present a significant challenge because they require precise occlusal techniques. On top of that, there is a higher likelihood they will break restorations. Read on to learn how one dentist approached a cosmetic case where parafunction posed initial complications. Case #14: Treatment Planning and Occlusion When Parafunction Exists Clinician: Dr. Eric Rouah, Toronto, Ontario-Canada […]

Believing certain rules hold true 100% of the time in sleep dentistry can be detrimental to care.

Sleep Dentistry Part 2: The Danger of Believing in 100% Rules

In any healthcare field, it is especially difficult to form appropriate treatment plans when we understand the result of a problem, but don’t actually know the cause. Believing there are rules that hold true 100% of the time in these types of uncertain cases is dangerous. Read on to learn why accepting ambiguity and doubt with sleep-related […]