3D carbon printer moldThe evolution of dentistry and how it's practiced has changed dramatically in the last twenty years. In light of the benefits, technology has brought, it also has placed an immense amount of pressure on dental practices to stay in the game. Patients are seeking practices that offer the latest technology that improves their experience. The advent of digital scanning vs. traditional dental impressions has undoubtedly been a game-changer in clinical dentistry. It has also presented challenges in creating a digital model that can accurately replicate the scan. The frustration has been that 3D printing technology has not kept pace with the development in the intra-oral scanning advances. So while our client dentists were thrilled with the images created by their  3Shape Trios, Cerec, Itero, Emerald and other scanners, there was not a professional, industrial printer to send the scan to that allowed for ideal duplication of anatomy, marginal integrity, and gingival reads. After much research, Gold Dust is excited to announce our partnership with Carbon MD2 printer, the only 3D printer in its category that can duplicate the accuracy of a scan within 20 microns for superb fit and finish. This investment allows Gold Dust to meet the needs of improving our digital workflow for clients, including providing models for the most intricate of dental procedures including veneer preparations and implant dentistry.
"The Carbon’s accuracy has restored in our faith in 3D printing technology that it can provide accuracy for crown and bridge!"
Our doctors, especially those with digital capabilities, want a lab that values the importance of quality and embraces the evolution of dentistry. The 3D Carbon printer allows us to deliver the exceptional quality and aesthetics that Gold Dust is known for. We welcome your questions. Please contact our account specialists for more information at 800.513.6131 or digital@golddustdental.com. Visit
www.golddustdental.com to see how we can help you and your practice!

3D Carbon Printer Launch: The Lastest In Dental Dentistry
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