multi-use diamond

A Practice Procedure for Ideal Multi-Use Diamonds

In her practice, Dr. Brady worked toward more efficient veneers by implementing an improved process for maintaining multi-use diamonds. For this final Veneer Month post, she details the steps she takes to less dull burs. In the previous blog, I wrote about why it’s critical to decrease the potential for dull burs if you want to […]

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The Simple Key to More Efficient Veneers

Sometimes, it’s the little things (like more efficient veneers) that add up to increased profit in the dental practice. In this Veneer Month post, Dr. Brady points out a blind spot that many dentists may be neglecting. The old adage still holds true: ‘Time is money.” Even saving a paltry minute during a veneer preparation […]

indirect restorations

Indirect Restorations and Altering Tooth Shade

If indirect restorations are top of mind, read below for the third installment in Dr. Brady’s Veneer Month posts. This particular blog focuses on patient expectations.  A common question I get is what the best material is to restore discolored teeth. We have an enormous number of really great materials available today for both veneers and full […]

tooth reduction

Tooth Reduction Balancing to Accomplish Clinical Goals

Veneer Month is in full swing here on the Gold Dust blog. Read on for Dr. Brady’s second installment of veneer-oriented advice and clinical tips.  A large majority of the anterior restorations I complete incorporate changes to tooth position, alignment or contour. I aim to balance the required tooth reduction to accomplish the clinical goals […]