Why to Use a High-End Lab

Switching labs can be a difficult decision and process. Dr. Eric Farmer talks about the reasons he decided to work with Gold Dust. Eight years ago after I took Ultimate Occluson Level 1, I started to have some frustrations with the results I was getting from my local lab.  They did not understand the language […]

Be honest with patients about their signs and symptoms.

Occlusion or Delusion: Preventing Symptoms and Treating Signs?

What responsibility do we have to patients to notice and treat signs of future problematic symptoms?  Consider occlusion as a dental expertise that requires more than just technical skill. It also requires careful observations, individualized judgment, and preventative measures. You can’t eliminate the human factor in treating a patient – even if they do not […]

Restorative Excellence Case of the Month Post Op

Case of the Month: Invisalign + Restorative Excellence = Beautiful Results

Restorative excellence is something we should always strive for as clinicians. At every point in the process, a case should work toward this goal.  Case #7: Reaching Restorative Excellence – Wear and Asymmetry Clinician: Dr. Jim Birrell, Greenbrae, CA A 29-year-old, out-going young woman was looking for smile enhancement options and was referred to Dr. Jim Birrell. Patient Concerns […]

Headaches matter in occlusion cases.

Occlusion or Delusion: “Tell Me About Headaches …”

What do you say when a patient comes into your office complaining of headaches?  Dr. Brady is back and better than ever in the next installment of her “Occlusion or Delusion” series. You can read her previous post on the importance of “BITE” over at Clinical Mastery Series’ blog. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Headaches matter. […]