Black Triangles

Common Clinical Scenario: How to Close Black Triangles

One of the common requests dentists get from patients seeking restorative dentistry is to “close” the black triangles giving their teeth an unattractive appearance. By Dr. Lee Ann Brady On the one hand, fixing black triangles can be an enjoyable way to give the patient an easy to see, drastic change in the attractiveness of […]

tearing out impression material

Tearing Out: Impression Troubleshooting Challenge #7

Tearing out impression material is one area where we consistently notice dentists struggling. In our series on impression troubleshooting and the challenges that dentists may face in capturing something a lab can use, we’ve outlined six previous mistakes that can cause confusion and remake headaches. Dentists do not always understand what the lab considers as a […]

undercuts and abfractions

Undercuts and Abfractions: Impression Troubleshooting Challenge #6

Undercuts and abfractions pose a significant challenge to dentists who are overly concerned with conservative dentistry. Being too desperate to save tooth structure can work against you when it comes to taking impressions. In this case, an unnecessary remake from the lab can be an unintended consequence. Undercuts and Abfractions – Understanding Limitations Many dentists feel […]

occlusal reduction

The Right Amount of Occlusal Reduction in a Restoration

by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Occlusal reduction issues can strike when you least expect it. One of the worst calls you can get from the lab when creating a restoration is that the provisional has been under-reduced and the result will be too thin. There are two main challenges to a successful occlusal reduction and a satisfactory […]

impression discontinuity

Discontinuity: Impression Troubleshooting Challenge #5

Discontinuity is one of the subtler impression challenges. Want to avoid lab confusion and remake headaches in your smile design cases? Even the most experienced dentists can make unexpected mistakes if they don’t fully anticipate how to think like a lab. In this post, we’re giving you the lab’s perspective on how to avoid frustrating remakes from impressions […]