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3D Carbon Printer Launch: The Lastest In Dental Dentistry

The evolution of dentistry and how it’s practiced has changed dramatically in the last twenty years. In light of the benefits, technology has brought, it also has placed an immense amount of pressure on dental practices to stay in the game. Patients are seeking practices that offer the latest technology that improves their experience. The […]

Invisalign cosmetic dentistry

TBT Case of the Month: Invisalign Treatment + Gold Dust Lab = Maximum Aesthetics

How often do you use Invisalign during cosmetic treatments? Maybe not as often as you think is necessary. Our patients don’t always choose optimal or even the most conservative treatment. The case described below was such a great experience for me and my whole team because the patient was so amenable to ideal treatment modalities. Keep reading for […]

new patient phone call

Transitioning From the New Patient Phone Call to Case Acceptance

How long has it been since you considered the holistic approach that takes a new patient on a journey from the very first phone call to case acceptance? You must connect the emotional dots that build relationships as the patient interacts with each new team member. From New Patient Phone Call to Case Acceptance It all […]

safety dental practice

Doing What You Can For Safety in the Dental Practice

An efficient dental practice team is a safe one. There’s no question that if you can’t or don’t comply with OSHA and state guidelines, your ability to provide appropriate care will be seriously diminished. You can be hit with all manner of problems, from general patient dissatisfaction to lawsuits. Safety impacts all aspects of the […]

get value from educating your dental hygienists

Get the Most Value From Your Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists are the focal point of a thriving practice for many reasons. One of the most important is that a hygienist has more opportunity to develop deeper relationships with patients. The dentist may not always have room in their schedule to take that extra step into learning more about the patient’s needs. How can […]

digital photography tips

Why Dentists Need Great Digital Photography

Great digital photography is an invaluable tool that supports dentists in communicating their work to those they interact with daily. These people can include outside organizations like the dental lab, team members, current patients, and new patients. Digital Photography for Dentistry: Why It Counts What people actually hear through a dentist’s verbal explanations may be […]

choosing impression materials

Selecting the Best Impression Materials for Accuracy

A great impression is integral to a successful case and gorgeous lab work. Often, a dental assistant can perform the entire process extremely well. This removes the burden from your shoulders, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to optimize. One of the most challenging aspects of making an accurate impression is materials selection. No […]

Clinical Tip Occlusal Anatomy Posterior Restorations

Occlusal Anatomy and Staining Characteristics for Posterior Restorations

So much attention is placed on the esthetics of the anterior teeth and not as much on the posterior teeth. But when you are looking at beautiful smiles, the posterior teeth do come into view and can either enhance the smile or distract from it. That’s where occlusal anatomy becomes so important. by Dr. Chris Catalano […]

pre-op dr. john nosti

#TBT Case of the Month: Not Leaving Veneers Esthetics to Chance

Veneers are the perfect way to give patients their dream esthetics. Still, they require close collaboration with the dental lab and a willingness to seek out the very best. Here, Dr. Nosti demonstrates an ideal technique that delivered on his patient’s esthetic goals: Case #28: Successful Esthetic Veneers Clinician: Dr. John Nosti, New Jersey Patient Background A […]

dental photography

Simple Tricks for Getting Gorgeous Intra-Oral Dental Photography

Gorgeous intra-oral dental photography can be a challenge for numerous reasons. Number one involves the conditions of the oral environment: It can get pretty dang foggy! Capturing Awesome Intra-Oral Dental Photography Capturing retracted occlusal shots means you have to utilize your mirrors. You need this type of image for so many different purposes. Think more accurately […]