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#TBT Case of the Month: Aesthetic Implant Case With Mixed Media Materials

Restorative materials pose a significant challenge for many clinicians when dealing with an implant case. Balancing the needs of the patient with intended outcomes for aesthetics, overarching case considerations, chair time, and finances can be understandably tricky. In this case, Dr. Shapiro presents pre- and post-op photos and his treatment procedure for a complicated implant rehab. […]

Try this full mouth rehab technique in 2018

How to Transform Your Full Mouth Rehab Technique in 2018

The most impactful trick or technique I have learned for complex full mouth rehab cases is to do the anterior ten first, then restore the molars in a later stage of the case. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Advantages of This Full Mouth Rehab Technique I have experienced multiple advantages with this approach. The overall result […]

End of Year 2017

2017 Reflections: What We’ve Learned From the Best Posts of the Year

The end of 2017 brings with it many exciting hopes and goals for the New Year. But even so, while you’re making your dental resolutions and enjoying time with your family, it never hurts to take stock of everything learned throughout the months. Over the year, we posted a series of captivating ‘Cases of the […]

How smile design has evolved over time.

The Evolution of Smile Design

Smile design has evolved quite a bit over the years in dentistry. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady How Smile Design Has Evolved in Dentistry In truth, esthetic dentistry is relatively new compared to the age of modern dentistry. When I first learned to treatment plan esthetics and start with tooth position, we would take a printed […]

Cementation for porcelain veneers

A Tack and Wave Cementation Process for Porcelain Veneers: Part 2

Clinically excellent porcelain veneers are a product of many different factors. One of the most important for restorations is the quality of cementation.  In this post, Dr. Nosti expands on a tack and wave technique for cementation that he introduced first on the Clinical Mastery Series blog. Here, his procedure picks up after placing Systemp-D […]

Dental Practice Finances

Business Tips for Handling End of Year Dental Practice Finances

Being a dentist requires taking on several different roles: clinician, healthcare provider, patient confidante, businessperson. That last one, where you handle the finances, may be the most difficult for some. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Depending on your personality, one or the other of these roles might feel more fitting. For most of us, though, […]

Dr. Chris Catalano Digital Dentistry Case Digital Invisalign

Utilizing Digital Dentistry to Predict Restorative Outcomes: Part 2

Digital dentistry represents an exciting new frontier for prediction of restorative outcomes. In Part 1 of this series, Dr. Catalano described how the general dentist can use Invisalign to predict what restorations a patient will need after orthodontic treatment. He introduced a case with digital rendering of the outcome beforehand. His patient John had accepted treatment […]

Full Mouth Rehab Treatment Case Photos

#TBT Case of the Month: Timing is Everything for Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment

You never know at what point people will accept their treatment. The patient in this case was diagnosed for a full mouth rehabilitation three years before starting his treatment. Case #19: Timing of Case Acceptance for Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment Clinician: Dr. Mike Smith, Phoenix, AZ While we diagnose patients for treatment who exhibit clear clinical indications, […]