Dental Tips

for dentists

Dental Tips

for dentists

safety dental practice

Doing What You Can For Safety in the Dental Practice

An efficient dental practice team is a safe one. There’s no question that if you can’t or don’t comply with OSHA and state guidelines, your ability to provide appropriate care will be seriously diminished. You can be hit with all manner of problems, from general patient dissatisfaction to lawsuits. Safety impacts all aspects of the […]

get value from educating your dental hygienists

Get the Most Value From Your Dental Hygienists

Dental hygienists are the focal point of a thriving practice for many reasons. One of the most important is that a hygienist has more opportunity to develop deeper relationships with patients. The dentist may not always have room in their schedule to take that extra step into learning more about the patient’s needs. How can […]

Clinical Tip Occlusal Anatomy Posterior Restorations

Occlusal Anatomy and Staining Characteristics for Posterior Restorations

So much attention is placed on the esthetics of the anterior teeth and not as much on the posterior teeth. But when you are looking at beautiful smiles, the posterior teeth do come into view and can either enhance the smile or distract from it. That’s where occlusal anatomy becomes so important. by Dr. Chris Catalano […]

dental photography

Simple Tricks for Getting Gorgeous Intra-Oral Dental Photography

Gorgeous intra-oral dental photography can be a challenge for numerous reasons. Number one involves the conditions of the oral environment: It can get pretty dang foggy! Capturing Awesome Intra-Oral Dental Photography Capturing retracted occlusal shots means you have to utilize your mirrors. You need this type of image for so many different purposes. Think more accurately […]

Dr. Lee Ann Brady Incisal Edge Translucency

The Number One Key to Achieving Esthetic Incisal Translucency

Esthetics are coming to dominate the dental scene as patients become more knowledgable about oral health and cosmetic options. If you want to benefit from this trend, you have to create superior esthetics and market your skills effectively. Incisal translucency is one area in particular where you can elevate the quality of restorations. by Dr. Lee […]

Lab scripts with more information

Less Is Not More With Ceramic Dental Lab Scripts

Every dental case is unique, regardless of how similar they can sometimes feel after a long day of work at the practice. We know from experience, the more detail you include on the front end in your dental lab scripts, the more clearly we understand your expectations with each new case. Best Ceramic Dental Lab Scripts […]

ovate pontics

An Introductory Guide to Treatment With Ovate Pontics

Missing teeth are a somewhat common phenomenon in dental treatments, but how to approach their replacement is unique to each dentist. For crowns and bridges, ovate pontics is one particularly effective method. Ovate Pontics for Crowns and Bridges The benefits of this egg-shaped process are multitude, starting with the esthetic upsides to complex cases. Ovate […]

finding niche in dentistry

Creating Your Niche in Dentistry

General dentist can mean so many different things to so many different dentists. It’s a blanket term, which is why it sure doesn’t account for the multitude of variations in how people choose to structure their dental practices. If you’re having trouble settling into a niche or figuring out how to practice the way you […]


#TBT Case of the Month: Creating a Perfect Smile for the Perfect Day

So often it’s special events that make our patients prioritize their oral health and seek that perfect smile. It’s an extra honor to create smiles that give patients more confidence for their weddings or other precious moments. In this case, Dr. Estep lets us into her dental process and explains how she handles the pressure of […]

Dental practice hiring

Finding Talent in Your Dental Practice Team Hiring Process

There are few things more nerve-wracking in running the business side of a dental practice than hiring and firing. When we sign on as dentists, rarely do we ever think at the outset about the far-off challenge of creating and maintaining a high-functioning team. Effectively Hiring for Talent We will inevitably have to bring in […]