Why to Use a High-End Lab

Switching labs can be a difficult decision and process. Dr. Eric Farmer talks about the reasons he decided to work with Gold Dust. Eight years ago after I took Ultimate Occluson Level 1, I started to have some frustrations with the results I was getting from my local lab.  They did not understand the language […]


How To Take A Stick Bite Your Lab Can Use

Why is a Stick Bite important? Oftentimes at the lab we find that dentists have many difficulties with properly utilizing the stick bite in their practices. Because of this, we’ve interviewed Paul Lindsey, owner of Gold Dust Dental, so that he can explain how to effectively use stick bites and what common mistakes to look out for: […]


Test Your Knowledge: Impression Troubleshooting Challenge #2

One difficulty dentists face when dealing with the challenges of impressioning is inaccurate margins due to preparation design. Often, dentists will find that there is no topography difference between tissue and preparation. The resulting stone model poured by your dental lab technician shows no noticeable differentiation between tooth and gum. Essentially, you are left with […]


Tales From The Bench: Dangers In Quadrant Triple Trays

Remakes are the nemesis of every laboratory and dental practice. As it happens, the common culprit contributing to unnecessary remakes is one of dentistry’s staple items—the disposable triple tray. From the outside, many of the disposable triple tray’s qualities appear benign and appealing, as it is cost-effective (less impression material, cost of the tray, etc.), […]

minimal prep veneers

Diastema Closure with Minimal Prep Veneers

Minimal Prep Veneers Case Study by Dr. Mike Smith With any anterior case it is important to master the esthetics in the treatment planning phase in order to provide the patient with their desired cosmetic results. Patient CJ was presented with a diastema, and case goals were to deprogram and regain anterior guidance, while moving the […]

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Train Wreck Update….Phase one complete

      At only 38 years old, this patient had extreme wear on both his upper and lower teeth. As part of Clinical Mastery’s (www.clinicalmastery.com) Full Mouth Rehabilitation Course with Dr. John Nosti, this patient was selected as the demonstration patient. Thirteen clinicians, committed to learning complex techniques in treating these extreme cases, gathered […]

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Doesn’t everyone love a train wreck?

Train wrecks. It is Gold Dust’s unofficial description of a full mouth rehabilitation case that has every element of complexity — pathology, parafunction, destruction and disease. And we LOVE them! There is nothing we do that is more rewarding than restoring function and a natural smile back to someone who lost it many years ago. […]