Smile Design

for dentists

Smile Design

for dentists


Does This Smile Look Familiar?

It could be the smile of one of your dental team. If so, what’s the problem? Many people might evaluate this smile and say it looks nice. Her teeth are more or less in alignment, from distance her teeth look pretty straight. But the truth is your patients do not evaluate their smiles in their […]

Clinical Tip Occlusal Anatomy Posterior Restorations

Occlusal Anatomy and Staining Characteristics for Posterior Restorations

So much attention is placed on the esthetics of the anterior teeth and not as much on the posterior teeth. But when you are looking at beautiful smiles, the posterior teeth do come into view and can either enhance the smile or distract from it. That’s where occlusal anatomy becomes so important. by Dr. Chris Catalano […]

Dr. Lee Ann Brady Incisal Edge Translucency

The Number One Key to Achieving Esthetic Incisal Translucency

Esthetics are coming to dominate the dental scene as patients become more knowledgable about oral health and cosmetic options. If you want to benefit from this trend, you have to create superior esthetics and market your skills effectively. Incisal translucency is one area in particular where you can elevate the quality of restorations. by Dr. Lee […]

Combining orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry

How Combining Ortho and Cosmetic Dentistry Creates Better Outcomes: Part 2

Orthodontic treatment opens up more possibilities for you and your patient when you combine it with cosmetic dentistry. In Part 1, Dr. Catalano related an anecdote that clarifies the need for orthodontia. He also began to explore the question of how to incorporate it into your treatment plan. Keep reading to see why harmony in many […]

How smile design has evolved over time.

The Evolution of Smile Design

Smile design has evolved quite a bit over the years in dentistry. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady How Smile Design Has Evolved in Dentistry In truth, esthetic dentistry is relatively new compared to the age of modern dentistry. When I first learned to treatment plan esthetics and start with tooth position, we would take a printed […]

Dr. Chris Catalano Digital Dentistry Case Digital Invisalign

Utilizing Digital Dentistry to Predict Restorative Outcomes: Part 2

Digital dentistry represents an exciting new frontier for prediction of restorative outcomes. In Part 1 of this series, Dr. Catalano described how the general dentist can use Invisalign to predict what restorations a patient will need after orthodontic treatment. He introduced a case with digital rendering of the outcome beforehand. His patient John had accepted treatment […]

Case Photos

#TBT Case of the Month: Meeting Aesthetic Desires in a Tough Economy

It’s important to fully meet patients’ aesthetic desires, despite outside conditions that might be affecting the economy or the larger world. Below, one dentist describes a case that emphasized delivering on expectations. Case #17: Achieving Aesthetic Desires in a Tough Economy Clinician: Dr. Mike Maroon, Berlin, CT The desire for aesthetic improvements in one’s smile does not disappear […]

Dr. Golab Case Results

Case of the Month: Creating Smiles by Design With Balance and Symmetry

The discipline of aesthetics in any field depends on tried and true principles. That’s why smile design requires so much careful use of balance and symmetry. To achieve something truly exquisite, you have to first make sure the bones of the thing are sturdy. Then, you can build something beautiful. In this case, you’ll learn one […]

It's helpful to know the right question to ask a patient about their esthetic smile goals.

2 Struggles of Interpreting a Patient’s Esthetic Smile Goals

It can feel an awful lot like truly understanding and achieving a patient’s esthetic smile goals is impossible. The challenge is in asking the right question so that you can give the best information to the lab.  by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Patients who want esthetic changes almost always have a picture in their mind of […]