how to achieve patient goals

2 Ways to Successfully and Efficiently Achieve Patient Goals

Consistently achieving patient goals is one of the most important abilities we acquire as dentists. We have to balance solid communication, efficiency, and technical skills. In this blog, Dr. Catalano delves into two facets of successful care: listening and battling perfectionism. If we don’t hear what the person’s true values are, we can’t deliver exactly […]

Minimal Prep Aesthetic Case - Before and After Photos

#ThrowbackThursday Case of the Month: Minimal Prep Aesthetic Case

A post-ortho aesthetic case requires detailed treatment planning to achieve a successful result. Read on to learn how one dentist used a conservative restorative solution for exactly this purpose. Case #15: Post-Ortho Aesthetic Case Success A 17-year-old patient presented with unsatisfactory post-ortho results. After fracturing teeth #8 and #9 in a skateboarding accident, composite bonding was a stopgap measure […]