#ThrowbackThursday Case of the Month: Minimal Prep Aesthetic Case

Minimal Prep Aesthetic Case - Before and After Photos

A post-ortho aesthetic case requires detailed treatment planning to achieve a successful result. Read on to learn how one dentist used a conservative restorative solution for exactly this purpose.

Case #15: Post-Ortho Aesthetic Case Success

Dr. David Hornbrook on a post-ortho aesthetic case.A 17-year-old patient presented with unsatisfactory post-ortho results. After fracturing teeth #8 and #9 in a skateboarding accident, composite bonding was a stopgap measure simply to replace the missing tooth structure.

Minimal Prep Aesthetic Case - Before and AfterThe patient was unhappy with the shape and length of his teeth, as well as the resulting spaces that were left after his orthodontia was removed. His parents wanted a long lasting but conservative restorative solution that would correct the aesthetic issues while also creating a stronger and longer lasting restoration for the centrals.

Treatment Planning and Restoration

Minimal Prep Aesthetic Case - Before and After Photos

After a comprehensive examination, potential treatment plans were discussed prior to implementation of the final treatment plan, which consisted of Gold Dust’s Aesthetic Team fabricating a combination of no prep Empress Aesthetics veneers on #4, 5, 6, 11, 12 & 13 and traditionally prepared teeth utilizing ¾
coverage Empress #7 – #10

Actual patient 6 years after Minimal Aesthetic surgery




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