Practice Marketing

for dentists

Practice Marketing

for dentists

digital photography tips

Why Dentists Need Great Digital Photography

Great digital photography is an invaluable tool that supports dentists in communicating their work to those they interact with daily. These people can include outside organizations like the dental lab, team members, current patients, and new patients. Digital Photography for Dentistry: Why It Counts What people actually hear through a dentist’s verbal explanations may be […]

Transitioning From the New Patient Phone Call to Case Acceptance

How long has it been since you considered the holistic approach that takes a new patient on a journey from the very first phone call to case acceptance?¬†You must connect the emotional dots that build relationships as the patient interacts with each new team member. From New Patient Phone Call to Case Acceptance It all […]

finding niche in dentistry

Creating Your Niche in Dentistry

General dentist can mean so many different things to so many different dentists. It’s a blanket term, which is why it sure doesn’t account for the multitude of variations in how people choose to structure their dental practices. If you’re having trouble settling into a niche or figuring out how to practice the way you […]

The online dental practice customer review

Online Marketing: The Power of the Internet Review

The power of online marketing is nowhere more evident than in reviews left on the Internet. With a couple easy clicks, potential patients can learn all about your style of care through firsthand review anecdotes. There are positives and negatives to this open venue of information. It can be a great way to attract new […]

Make your dental practice modern.

How Important Is It for a Dental Practice to Be ‘Modern’?

With the onset of technology in all its various forms, dentistry has changed radically in the past decade alone.¬†Depending on your patient base, your practice may not seem modern enough if it’s lingering in a bygone era. How we market, how we treat patients, and how we deliver beautiful results have been affected. So how […]

Dental Practice Finances

Business Tips for Handling End of Year Dental Practice Finances

Being a dentist requires taking on several different roles: clinician, healthcare provider, patient confidante, businessperson. That last one, where you handle the finances, may be the most difficult for some. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Depending on your personality, one or the other of these roles might feel more fitting. For most of us, though, […]

Should your dental practice tweet?

To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Maximizing Your Social Media Presence

Should you tweet? Uncertain which social media you should be leveraging to market your dental practice? You’re not alone. Many dentists interested in expanding or starting their dental practice social media are familiar with the main players – Instagram, Facebook, Twitter – but don’t know what other avenues they should explore. Social Media Marketing: Should […]

Social media marketing case pre-op photo

Social Media and Selfies in a Restoration Case

What distinguishes a ‘good’ case from a ‘bad’ case? The answer to that question can be surprisingly complex. Interestingly, social media can have a powerful impact on the perceived success or failure of a case. A case where the patient was excited and pleased throughout might feel more enjoyable than one where you were able […]