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Does This Smile Look Familiar?

It could be the smile of one of your dental team. If so, what’s the problem? Many people might evaluate this smile and say it looks nice. Her teeth are more or less in alignment, from distance her teeth look pretty straight. But the truth is your patients do not evaluate their smiles in their […]

pre-op dr. john nosti

#TBT Case of the Month: Not Leaving Veneers Esthetics to Chance

Veneers are the perfect way to give patients their dream esthetics. Still, they require close collaboration with the dental lab and a willingness to seek out the very best. Here, Dr. Nosti demonstrates an ideal technique that delivered on his patient’s esthetic goals: Case #28: Successful Esthetic Veneers Clinician: Dr. John Nosti, New Jersey Patient Background A […]

Dr. Lee Ann Brady Veneers Case Post-Op

Case Review of Cosmetic Treatment for Cracked Anterior Veneers

One of the most rewarding types of patients to have is someone over fifty with a stable financial situation and the desire to finally invest in their oral health. There are many advantages to more mature patients, not least of which is their openness to complex care such as veneers. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Replacing […]

case photos

#TBT Case of the Month: Photography in Veneers Case Presentation

Photography is one of the easiest and most powerful ways of understanding patient goals and delivering on esthetic expectations. Read on for a veneers evaluation where dental photography was used in case presentation to open up discussion with the patient: Case #26: Seeing is Believing for Photographic Case Presentation Clinician: Dr. Jason Olitsky, Ponte Verda, Florida Patient […]

lab script veneers

How to Construct the Ideal Lab Script for Veneers

Veneers require their own set of particular methods that are unique to every dentist. Working with the lab on anterior ceramic cases is all about successfully communicating your goals and what you hope to achieve. Ultimately, a superior result is directly correlated to how well the lab understands your intentions. This is where the lab […]

Cementation for porcelain veneers

A Tack and Wave Cementation Process for Porcelain Veneers: Part 2

Clinically excellent porcelain veneers are a product of many different factors. One of the most important for restorations is the quality of cementation.  In this post, Dr. Nosti expands on a tack and wave technique for cementation that he introduced first on the Clinical Mastery Series blog. Here, his procedure picks up after placing Systemp-D […]

Versatility of ceramic veneers in the dental practice.

How to Take Advantage of the Versatility of Ceramic Veneers

Today’s ceramic veneers offer a whole host of useful qualities and functions. This blog provides insight from one dentist on how to take advantage of ceramic veneers in your practice. It’s just one more example of how we can be creative in our application of dental materials. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Ceramic Veneers Provide […]