Dental Lab Tips

Go-To Dental Lab Tips: From Photos to Prep

Working with the dental lab brings up a a long list of common questions. In this post, we outline a few that come up time and again. Negotiating the complex requirements for lab cases can be a confusing process. Use these three tips when sending your case to a trusted ceramist. Preschedule Your Smile Design Cases […]

Impression Troubleshooting

Impression Troubleshooting Challenge #4: Pulls and Bubbles

There are many impression methods dentists unknowingly use that cause lab confusion and remake headaches. An improper result can necessitate re-doing all of your hard work at the practice and create a longer time before the finished product is ready for the patient. One area we’ve noticed causes a significant amount of problems is ‘pulls […]

e.max system

Dr. Lee Ann Brady On E.Max As A Useful Ceramic Material

Many dentists have common questions about utilizing e.max as a ceramic material, such as: “I didn’t think you could bond Zirconia?” This question comes up a lot in discussions I have with dentists. I hope to dispel much of the confusion surrounding e.max in this post. Dispelling E.Max Confusion – Ceramic Material IPS e.max is […]

impression gold dust and dr olitsky

Impression Troubleshooting Challenge #3: Cowboy Hats

There are many challenges dentists face in taking an impression that can be utilized effectively by the lab. Oftentimes, the list of “what not to do” when it comes to impressions and preps is far more important than the list of what to do, because an improper result can lead to frustrating remakes and a […]