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We go beyond the ordinary standards of a ceramic dental lab. We assist our clients with case planning, material selection, and a virtual assistant to manage and access their case specifications anytime, anywhere.

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(1) Download the type of Rx you want to submit. (2) Save to your computer. (3) Fill out the PDF form and don't forget to click save. (4) Email your completed form to

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Download, fill-out, and send us your Aesthetic RX form via email.

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Download, fill-out, and send us your Restorative RX form via email.


Download, fill-out, and send us your Restorative RX form via email.


Download, fill-out, and send us your Restorative RX form via email.

There you have it, no more illegible writing or scanning!


Digital & Cutting-edge

The internet just makes things so much easier. Our clients-only online dashboard allows our doctors to manage, modify, or update their assets and ceramic dental lab cases in just a few clicks.

Photo Upload

No more printing! No more discs by mail! Upload patient case photos for archiving & access anytime, anywhere.

Case Tracking

Where is my case? Obtain updates and shipping tracking information to guarantee the timely delivery of your case.

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Preschedule your cases to ensure a successful patient seating date. Simply login to get started!

Includes these features:

  • Online Bill Payment
  • Digital Invoice Viewing
  • Update Address & Credit Card Automatically
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Frequently Answered Questions

• Single units all Porcelain & P.O.M (Gold Rush)= 6 working days in lab.
• Single units Lava (Gold Rush)= 9 working days in lab.
• Single units (cut back & layered)= 8 -10 working days.
• Implants, bridges, multiple units= 12 -14 working days.
• Smile Designs & Rehabs= 15 working days or prescheduled date.
Absolutely! Gold Dust works with all major implant systems and we are vastly qualified to handle all and any of your implant needs.
Yes, Gold Dust is a porcelain veneers lab that has an incredible product trademarked Emprethins™. The precise technique and unique material of this restoration have been mastered by our technicians.
Eight highly trained and experienced ceramists. Each one of our clients has a team of three Gold Dust employees including the waxer, ceramist, and account specialist. These incredibly talented and experienced geniuses dedicate their combined abilities to their specific doctors, ensuring that they receive consistency and come to know their unique style and requests.
We are intimately aware of the extensive time and effort you put into cultivating a strong relationship with your smile design patient. Prescheduling guarantees a date for to receive your case. This way you can schedule your day accordingly without making changes to your patient’s appointment.
You must be an existing client to use the online RX and photo upload features.
If you are new to Gold Dust, it’s easy! Just click on the New Client Intake form in the Connect page and fill it out completely. Once you have submitted this form online, you will instantly be assigned a unique access code that will appear on the screen as you complete the registration. Once you receive your code, you can begin submitting immediately.
If you are an existing client, your access code has been physically mailed and emailed to you. If you do not have it, email and we will send it again.
In the Client Support page, there is an automatic upload feature. You can upload any size photograph that will be automatically stored on our database and utilized by our team to provide the best results. You can eliminate discs, DVDs, or memory cards with this new streamlined efficiency!
FedEx shipping is included in the price for 2nd day delivery for our domestic clients; overnight or rush packages may require an additional fee. For our international clients, we will pass along our corporate savings and add your shipping costs to the final invoice.
Payment options include VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. We do offer 30 day from invoice terms on approved credit.

Our philosophy is wholly based on taking care of the client; building and strengthening our business based on our personal relationships.

We show uncompromising commitment in providing the highest quality restoration coupled with an unmatched level of customer satisfaction.

We believe that by contributing to the success of every practice we work with, our business grows. We will continue to support initiatives that encourage practice vitality.

We are committed to innovation and dynamic growth to ensure the longevity of the Gold Dust legacy and long-term success for every team member.

We strive to communicate with massive clarity internally, externally and with our client at all times.

We streamline to include an 'ease of use' proposition for efficiency, desirability, and new client generation.

We stand behind every restoration we make and guarantee its integrity against material failure based on the following guidelines:
  • Three years for all-ceramic and porcelain fused to metal restorations or zirconia.
  • Two years for reinforced indirect composite restorations.
  • One year for Emprethins, no-prep veneers and all Gold Rush units.
  • If a defective restoration is returned to us within the above warranty time spans, we will repair it or remake it at no cost, one time from the original ship date.

Please be advised that Gold Dust guarantee does not cover:
  • Restoration failure due to insufficient reduction (material thickness less than optimum according to manufacturer's recommendations).
  • Restoration failure due to improper material selection (e.g. All-ceramics in a patient with edge to edge anterior occlusion or 3 unit posterior e.max bridge).
  • Cost incurred for removal or insertion, chair time loss, loss of wages, inconvenience or pain.
  • Loss of restoration due to bonding/ cementation failure.
  • Failure of restoration due to retentive factors related to the preparation.
  • Remakes or repairs related to tooth fracture, caries, gingival recession or root canal treatment.
  • Price of gold used for the remake restoration unless the defective restoration is sent to us.
  • Defective restorations caused by defective impressions the dentist was unwilling to retake upon notification from Gold Dust’s technical team.
  • Post-cementation shade changes to restorations. (Please request our try in consent form for patient communication). The only exception is restoration fracture due to fabrication error use of a faulty material.
  • No guarantee can be made on Encore or Maryland bridgework as it is not a recommended procedure or material for longevity.

Adjusts and remakes outside of warranty: A call by your Account Specialist will be made to discuss the case and determine if a charge will be issued on the case.
To ensure the best result, please include:
  1. Face bow transfer
  2. Stick bite
  3. Bite registration
  4. High quality polyvinyl impressions
  5. Pre-op impressions
  6. Provisional impression
  7. Incisal edge index
  8. Photos: pre-op – full face, smile, retracted open, retracted closed, prep shade with shade tab (tab # showing) photo, profile at resting, stick bite full face, temp full face, temp retracted, face bow full face.
  9. Patient and doctor instructions.
Go ahead and download our Aesthetic Prescription above.

A poll of our clients have indicated excellent results utilizing the following:

  • Empress, EmpreThins™, Authentic® and Ceramco 3: Total etch using a 4th generation adhesive agent and Ivoclar’s Variolink Veneer.
  • Empress crowns over 2.0 mm thick: 3M Relyx or any dual-cure cement with the 4th generation adhesive.
  • Lava: Self-etching resin cement: Unicem, Multilink, BisCem, MaxCem Elite.
  • e.Max Pressed: 3M Relyx or equivalent dual-cure cement with the 4th generation adhesive.

It would depend on the severity of the block out required. However, we have great success with the following:

  • e.Max Press - Can be used in the Anterior, Posterior, and designed for Anterior to second bicuspid 3 unit bridges. (e.Max can be conventionally cemented with dual-cure cement). Color correction coping by Gold Dust. Click for technical guide.
  • e.Max Zirpress on Lava- Ceramic to a zirconium coping or bridge (maximum span of 55mm) delivering great block out of preps and implants when we have 1.5mm of material thickness.

Zirconia is today’s alternative to a metal based restoration or framework. Its chemistry makes it an unmatched material for flexural strength and fracture resistance. Gold Dust recommends Lava restorations, as its milling process ensures an excellent marginal fit and the best translucency factors.
  • All-ceramic bridges.
  • All-ceramic crowns.

  • Excellent esthetics and translucency.
  • Outstanding marginal fit.
  • Superior strength of zirconia with high fracture resistance.
  • Preparation is similar to PFM.
  • Preparations require removal of less tooth structure.
  • Cementation can be accomplished using proven, conventional methods.
Gold Dust prides itself on the advanced training and experience that our ceramists acquire through hands-on, live patient courses with Clinical Mastery Series and many other training institutes. In addition, our ceramic dental lab team is continually exposed to the latest materials; as we are a beta test site for many manufacturers. However, it is our experience in working with the most demanding clinicians that have proven the impeccable quality of Gold Dust abilities.
Empress, Authentic recommends at least 0.6mm prep reduction w/ a chamfer or shoulder margin. e.Max press, Lava, PFMs recommends 1.5 mm of prep reduction to achieve maximum aesthetics. Shoulder or heavy chamfer is always recommended to ensure the integrity of the materials.
We are proficient in several systems including: Stratos, Panadent, Sam3, Artex, Kavo, Denar Combi, Hanau.

Not only are we major laboratory partners of the prestigious Hornbrook Group Center for Advanced Clinical Education and PAC-live for the last 10 years, but we support clients who have had extensive training at The Pankey Insitute, The Dawson Center, with Frank Spear, John Kois and many more functionally based continuums throughout the country.

It is the commitment of Gold Dust to provide the excellence and take your vision and make it a reality. We are pleased to offer a variety of programs through Clinical Mastery presented by Gold Dust. For more information:

For our PFMs Security = ADA High Noble Alloy, 40% AU,& 40% PD, (White Alloy), bio yellow pf = 86.5% Au 10.4% Pt 1.5% Zn .9% Rh .3% Ta .2% In .1%mn .1% Ir, Captek. Our Full Cast Gold Restoration = Type II (JRVT) 77% Gold, Type III (JCB) 62% Gold.



For world-class, dental continuing education be sure to visit the Clinical Mastery Series presented by Gold Dust. Contact Pete at 480.489.5551 or for more information.

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