Materials & Techniques

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Materials & Techniques

for dentists

control bites for vertical dimension changes

Taking Control of Vertical Dimension Changes in Dentistry: Control Bites Part 2

Control bites are a crucial technique when working with vertical dimension changes. Read on for Part 2 of Dr. Catalano’s approach to this complex area of dentistry.  by Dr. Chris Catalano In my previous post on this topic (which you can find over at the Clinical Mastery Series blog) I explained why vertical dimension is so tricky and the initial […]

Gold Dust Dental Lab ceramist Joost Jorna clears up questions dentists have about seating a crown.

Dental Lab Ceramist Dispels Common Technical Questions About Seating a Crown

We’ve found that the best way to help our dentists is to anticipate their questions and concerns before they have them. One common technical process that tends to frustrate many dental professionals relates to seating a crown. Etching, contacts, oven temperatures, and more tasks can be tricky, so we asked Gold Dust lab ceramist Joost […]

Ceramist Joost Jorna loves fabricating a full ceramic bridge.

Why One Ceramist Loves the Esthetic Challenge of a Full Ceramic Bridge

Our Gold Dust ceramist Joost Jorna is back with another Q & A about his side of the case equation and what makes him love the process of fabricating a full ceramic bridge.  Joost is Gold Dust’s resident technological advancements buff and is part of our effort to test new methods without sacrificing precision or […]

Perspectives on materials and communication from a Gold Dust ceramist.

A Ceramist’s Take on Lab Skills, Communication, and the Key to Success

Ever wondered what goes on in the mind of your trusted ceramist? Look no further, because we’ve interviewed one of our own for this lab-specific Q & A. A good ceramist works in concert with dentists, complimenting their skill set and creating a finished product that blends artistry and exacting measurements. Our ceramist Joost Jorna sat down […]

Be honest with patients about their signs and symptoms.

Occlusion or Delusion: Preventing Symptoms and Treating Signs?

What responsibility do we have to patients to notice and treat signs of future problematic symptoms?  Consider occlusion as a dental expertise that requires more than just technical skill. It also requires careful observations, individualized judgment, and preventative measures. You can’t eliminate the human factor in treating a patient – even if they do not […]

Headaches matter in occlusion cases.

Occlusion or Delusion: “Tell Me About Headaches …”

What do you say when a patient comes into your office complaining of headaches?  Dr. Brady is back and better than ever in the next installment of her “Occlusion or Delusion” series. You can read her previous post on the importance of “BITE” over at Clinical Mastery Series’ blog. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Headaches matter. […]

Quality lab-processed restorations come from strong relationships.

Key Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Lab-Processed Restorations

Dr. Brady’s got the lowdown on one of the elements of high quality lab-processed restorations: communication. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady It’s time to talk about relationships. No, not the ones you have with your significant other, children, and/or best friends. We mean the really important kinds. Like the one you have with your dental lab. For […]

A team effort made this a successful case.

Case of the Month: The Team Approach to Stunning Smiles and Ideal Function

When a case combines aesthetic and functional needs, the team approach to treatment is essential to success. Case #4: A Solid Team, Comprehensive Treatment, and Ideal Lab Techniques Clinician: Dr. Paul Biederman, Anchorage, AK With old failing restorations a significant reverse smile line, and lack of anterior guidance, patient Linda pursued treatment for aesthetic and functional reasons. […]

A precise approach to armamentarium is key to successful tooth prep.

Why a Precise System for Tooth Prep Creates Superior Results

In this final post on anterior tooth preparation parameters, I discuss the significance of creating a precise system for your chosen tools.  by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Over the course of my blogs on anterior tooth preparation, one important rationale has remained the same: Aim for predictability. Why do I continue to emphasize this point? […]