Materials & Techniques

for dentists

Materials & Techniques

for dentists

Cement and Bonding Agents

Top Bonding and Cementing Agents For Excellent Restoration Results

Excellent restorations come from a combination of multiple well orchestrated factors. This includes your technique and – you guessed it – materials. Your choices in the latter arena are significant in the long run. One of the most common questions we encounter in working with clients at the lab is what bonding or cementing agents […]

Combining orthodontics and cosmetic dentistry

How Combining Ortho and Cosmetic Dentistry Creates Better Outcomes: Part 2

Orthodontic treatment opens up more possibilities for you and your patient when you combine it with cosmetic dentistry. In Part 1, Dr. Catalano related an anecdote that clarifies the need for orthodontia. He also began to explore the question of how to incorporate it into your treatment plan. Keep reading to see why harmony in many […]

Dr. Chris Catalano Digital Dentistry Case Digital Invisalign

Utilizing Digital Dentistry to Predict Restorative Outcomes: Part 2

Digital dentistry represents an exciting new frontier for prediction of restorative outcomes. In Part 1 of this series, Dr. Catalano described how the general dentist can use Invisalign to predict what restorations a patient will need after orthodontic treatment. He introduced a case with digital rendering of the outcome beforehand. His patient John had accepted treatment […]

case photos

Throwback Thursday Case of the Month: Taking a Patient’s Smile From Fair to Fabulous With Empress Aesthetics Veneers

We love Empress Aesthetics at Gold Dust Dental because it ensures gorgeous custom restorations. Our dentists appreciate the predictable results in everything from dental implants, conservative inlay/onlays, and crown and bridgework to smile designs and complex reconstructions. Truly, the right materials can take a patient’s smile from fair to fabulous.  Read on to see case results and a […]

Occlusal clearance issues with e.max while working on a restoration.

Why You Should Tell the Lab How You Want to Seat a Restoration

Working effectively with the lab during a restoration depends on our ability to see things from the lab’s perspective (same goes for the lab with the dentist). This is especially true when cementing and bonding with e.max. In Dr. Brady’s previous blog on Ivoclar Vivadent’s IPS e.max as a versatile ceramic, she explained many advantages to the […]

Minimal Prep Aesthetic Case - Before and After Photos

#ThrowbackThursday Case of the Month: Minimal Prep Aesthetic Case

A post-ortho aesthetic case requires detailed treatment planning to achieve a successful result. Read on to learn how one dentist used a conservative restorative solution for exactly this purpose. Case #15: Post-Ortho Aesthetic Case Success A 17-year-old patient presented with unsatisfactory post-ortho results. After fracturing teeth #8 and #9 in a skateboarding accident, composite bonding was a stopgap measure […]

control bites for vertical dimension changes

Taking Control of Vertical Dimension Changes in Dentistry: Control Bites Part 2

Control bites are a crucial technique when working with vertical dimension changes. Read on for Part 2 of Dr. Catalano’s approach to this complex area of dentistry.  by Dr. Chris Catalano In my previous post on this topic (which you can find over at the Clinical Mastery Series blog) I explained why vertical dimension is so tricky and the initial […]

Gold Dust Dental Lab ceramist Joost Jorna clears up questions dentists have about seating a crown.

Dental Lab Ceramist Dispels Common Technical Questions About Seating a Crown

We’ve found that the best way to help our dentists is to anticipate their questions and concerns before they have them. One common technical process that tends to frustrate many dental professionals relates to seating a crown. Etching, contacts, oven temperatures, and more tasks can be tricky, so we asked Gold Dust lab ceramist Joost […]

Ceramist Joost Jorna loves fabricating a full ceramic bridge.

Why One Ceramist Loves the Esthetic Challenge of a Full Ceramic Bridge

Our Gold Dust ceramist Joost Jorna is back with another Q & A about his side of the case equation and what makes him love the process of fabricating a full ceramic bridge.  Joost is Gold Dust’s resident technological advancements buff and is part of our effort to test new methods without sacrificing precision or […]