Tales From The Bench: Dangers In Quadrant Triple Trays

Remakes are the nemesis of every laboratory and dental practice. As it happens, the common culprit contributing to unnecessary remakes is one of dentistry’s staple items—the disposable triple tray. From the outside, many of the disposable triple tray’s qualities appear benign and appealing, as it is cost-effective (less impression material, cost of the tray, etc.), […]

minimal prep veneers

Diastema Closure with Minimal Prep Veneers

Minimal Prep Veneers Case Study by Dr. Mike Smith With any anterior case it is important to master the esthetics in the treatment planning phase in order to provide the patient with their desired cosmetic results. Patient CJ was presented with a diastema, and case goals were to deprogram and regain anterior guidance, while moving the […]