How to Relax for the Largest Case of Your Life

4 Ways to De-Stress For the Largest Case of Your Life

When you’re facing the biggest case of your professional life, you may need more than a little help to survive the emotional ups and downs.  How to Relax for the Biggest Case of Your Career It’s bound to happen eventually. That serendipitous patient walks through the door: They’re looking for a complex restoration or a […]

Beautiful results were achieved with this case!

Case of the Month: Train Wreck Cases and Restoring Function First for Beautiful Results

Some cases can be easily classified as train wrecks when they appear at our dental practices. Restoring function is even more satisfying in these situations. Case #6: Restoring Function in a Case of Massive Erosion and Wear Clinician: Dr. Mary Viechnicki, Allentown, PA A 38-year-old patient presented with dentition destroyed by massive erosion and wear. Extreme sensitivity […]