Full Mouth Rehabilitation

for dentists

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

for dentists

Link between esthetics and a patient's occlusal relationship

Improving the Occlusal Relationship to Improve a Smile

Function and esthetics are more inextricably linked than you might think. As the research and practical understanding of occlusion increases, we continue to see that achieving a beautiful smile goes hand in hand with influencing healthier function. The occlusal relationship cannot be ignored. Occlusal Relationship and Esthetics Dental occlusion has been considered a controversial topic […]

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#TBT Case of the Month: e.max Rehab, Cut Back, and Layered Ceramic

Ivoclar IPS e.max is a state-of-the-art restorative material utilized in several applications with great success. The following case documents the results that were achieved with my last reconstruction. Gear up for patient satisfaction and a gorgeous cut back/layered ceramic outcome! Case #24: e.max Rehabilitation, Cut Back, and Layered Ceramic Clinician: Dr. Will Lacey, Durango, CO When the […]

Try this full mouth rehab technique in 2018

How to Transform Your Full Mouth Rehab Technique in 2018

The most impactful trick or technique I have learned for complex full mouth rehab cases is to do the anterior ten first, then restore the molars in a later stage of the case. by Dr. Lee Ann Brady Advantages of This Full Mouth Rehab Technique I have experienced multiple advantages with this approach. The overall result […]

Full Mouth Rehab Treatment Case Photos

#TBT Case of the Month: Timing is Everything for Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment

You never know at what point people will accept their treatment. The patient in this case was diagnosed for a full mouth rehabilitation three years before starting his treatment. Case #19: Timing of Case Acceptance for Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment Clinician: Dr. Mike Smith, Phoenix, AZ While we diagnose patients for treatment who exhibit clear clinical indications, […]

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Case of the Month: Creating an Occlusion That Resists Parafunction

Patients who parafunction present a significant challenge because they require precise occlusal techniques. On top of that, there is a higher likelihood they will break restorations. Read on to learn how one dentist approached a cosmetic case where parafunction posed initial complications. Case #14: Treatment Planning and Occlusion When Parafunction Exists Clinician: Dr. Eric Rouah, Toronto, Ontario-Canada […]

Give your patients occlusion answers not solutions.

Occlusion or Delusion: Giving Patients Answers, Not Solutions

Welcome to Dr. Brady’s new ‘Occlusion or Delusion’ series. In each post, she’ll give an honest perspective on re-thinking how you deal with occlusion in your dental practice. Half of the posts will be here on Gold Dust’s blog and the other half will be featured on the Clinical Mastery Series blog. Enjoy! by Dr. […]