Train Wreck Update….Phase one complete

Full Mouth Rehabilitation
Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Severe wear – 38 year old patient begins Full Mouth treatment



Dental work being done on teeth

Notice the prep design does not break contacts on the lower arch. The upper arch had diastemas pre-existing. Very little preparation was done to achieve the ideal circumstances for insertion.



Provisional Upper/Lower 20 units

At only 38 years old, this patient had extreme wear on both his upper and lower teeth. As part of Clinical Mastery’s ( Full Mouth Rehabilitation Course with Dr. John Nosti, this patient was selected as the demonstration patient. Thirteen clinicians, committed to learning complex techniques in treating these extreme cases, gathered in Chicago, Illinois last weekend, to learn about the latest procedures in predictable treatment of these complex, multi-faceted cases.

Treatment planning, diagnostic records, preparation and provisionalization were covered and completed in this first 2 days of the program. Participants will return June 8 and 9th to complete the program and unveil the restorative result of the upper and lower 10 anterior teeth. Stay tuned for the final reveal!

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