Why to Use a High-End Lab

11800262_10206410038321531_2763097610454325896_nSwitching labs can be a difficult decision and process. Dr. Eric Farmer talks about the reasons he decided to work with Gold Dust.

Eight years ago after I took Ultimate Occluson Level 1, I started to have some frustrations with the results I was getting from my local lab.  They did not understand the language and definitions that I was now using, CR was a foreign term to them.  It was a difficult process and decision to change labs because generally our lab techs are familiar to us.  We are used to them, they are used to us.

One of my biggest barriers in switching to a high end lab was that I was worried they would find me out to be not very good as a dentist. This barrier kept me from making that change for a year, but what finally turned the tide was just the inability of my previous lab to truly understand function and their ability to deliver what I wanted functionally and esthetically. They didn’t even have a decent computer monitor to view photos with and they didn’t want to even try to install dropbox to view my photos.  They did not care.  They were satisfied with doing decent quality work but were not motivated towards consistent excellence and continued learning.

So I made the change to Gold Dust and found folks committed to excellence, committed to learning and committed to making my results outstanding. They are my partner now and they make me look much better.  And they truly care!

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